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Disney Cars Mattel Diecast Collectibles

Updated on September 7, 2013

Do You Collect Disney Cars Mattel Diecast?

Since the release of the Disney Pixar Cars movie, Mattel's Disney diecast cars from the movie have become popular collectibles. New models are being released all the time featuring various characters from the movie, and more have been released Cars 2. Here are some of the many models available now, as well as rare, hard-to-find and limited edition Pixar cars diecast.

(Image: Lightning McQueen toy available on Amazon. See link below.)

Disney/Pixar CARS Diecast Collectible Guides - Learn more about diecast collectibles

Disney/Pixar Cars movie diecast vehicles have been popular since the movie was released in 2006, and new cars are being added all the time. If you're interested in collecting Disney Cars Mattel diecast vehicles, these books will help you see what toys are available.

Disney / Pixar CARS Movie 2009 Collector's Guide with Exclusive 1:55 Die Cast Night Vision Lightning McQueen
Disney / Pixar CARS Movie 2009 Collector's Guide with Exclusive 1:55 Die Cast Night Vision Lightning McQueen

Guide book includes 100+ pages with more than 150 images of Cars characters and comes with a Disney Pixar Cars Toon Collection 1:55 scale die cast car of Lightning McQueen.


Lightning McQueen is the rookie racer who dreams of winning the Piston Cup in the original CARS movie and then becomes a famous race car who participates in the World Grand Prix in the next movie. There are dozens of McQueen diecast cars to collect, including inexpensive models you can pick up at your local toy store, as well as limited edition Pixar car sets and hard-to-find Lightning McQueen models. Here are just a few of the easily available diecast cars, and below are some of the rare models, such as the limited edition Blu-Ray McQueen and San Diego Comic Con releases.

Blu-Ray Lightning McQueen - One of the most collectible Disney/Pixar Cars diecast vehicles

Many of the Cars diecast vehicles are easily available at local stores or on sites like eBay for older models. But only 15,000 copies of Blu-Ray McQueen were manufactured and sold. They were packaged with the first Blu-Ray version of Cars. These diecast cars are now some of the most valuable vehicles in the collection and you won't find them in your local store. You can, however, find them on eBay.

Limited Edition Lightning McQueen with Mia and Tia - Only 5000 diecast sets made

Another hard-to-find Pixar diecast set is the limited edition set featuring Lightning McQueen with Mia and Tia. Only 5000 sets were made and I've seen them going for over $200 on eBay.

This rare Lightning Storm McQueen edition was released at the San Diego Comic Con in a limited edition of 5000.

Cars 2 Diecast - Diecast vehicles from Disney Cars 2

These new diecast cars are from the second Cars movie, which has also produced great new opportunities for collectors.

Finn McMissile Diecast - The super British spy

Finn McMissile was the James Bond-type British spy car in the second Cars movie and a very popular character due to the ability of his car to transform.

Holly Shiftwell Diecast - The young, female British spy whoh works with Finn McMissile

In the first Cars movie, Doc Hudson is a former race car who has left the limelight to lead a quiet life in Radiator Springs. He was voiced by Paul Newman, who died before the second movie came out, so these diecast cars are likely to become more collectible, as Doc won't be appearing in future movies.

Mater is the tow truck in Radiator Springs who befriends McQueen. Mater is based on a 1951 International Harvester L-170 boom" truck with elements of a mid-1950s Chevrolet One-Ton Wrecker Tow Truck. His character is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.

Sally Carrera is a sporty Porsche who wins McQueen's heart in the first movie.

Who's Your Favorite Character from Cars?

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