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Disney Club Penguin Plush Toys

Updated on April 3, 2013

Club Penguin Plush Toys Bring Online Game to Life

Are your kids fans of Disney's online Club Penguin virtual world? Then they'll love these Club Penguin plush toys, featuring penguins, puffles and other characters from the icy world of Club Penguin Island. With these stuffed animals, kids can bring the game to life and enjoy offline play with their favorite online characters. Club Penguin toys make great gifts!

(Image of Club Penguin plush Aunt Arctic toy provided by amazon)

Limited Edition Club Penguin Plush Toys

Penguins are the main residents of Club Penguin Island, and they love to wear costumes. Limited Edition collectible Club Penguin plush toys are based on the characters in Club Penguin. Different costumes are available with each new series release, and each of the stuffed toys comes with a coin code that allows a player to unlock two items of their choice from the online Treasure Book of that series.

The Club Penguin Classy T-Shirt Penguin shown here is from Series 13. Below are more plush penguins from a variety of series.

Disney Club Penguin Classy T-Shirt Plush
Disney Club Penguin Classy T-Shirt Plush

Product features: Includes coin with high value online redemption code


Series 3 Capt. Rockhopper CHECK PRICE

Series 15 Plush MummyCHECK PRICE

Series 1 Rock StarCHECK PRICE

Series 7 LeprechaunCHECK PRICE

Series 14 Bumble BeeCHECK PRICE

Series 2 FairyCHECK PRICE

More Plush Club Penguin Toys - Find other penguins below

If you don't see the penguin character you're looking for, check below for item plush toys from the game.

PH the Puffle Handler Penguin Plush Toy CHECK PRICE

PH is an agent in the Elite Penguin Force who teaches you how to care, feed and play with your puffle. She is the only penguin with fewer than 4 characters in her name.

Plush Club Penguin Puffles

Choose your favorite pet

Puffles are small, fuzzy creatures who live on Club Penguin Island. They come in a variety of colors, and each one has a distinct personality. These plush puffles comes with a code that can unlock a member puffle in the Club Penguin game online.

Series 12 Green Puffle with BandanaCHECK PRICE

Blue Puffle with Swing Batta Batta HatCHECK PRICE

Wave 10 Blue Puffle With Pharaoh HeadressCHECK PRICE

Wave 10 Black PuffleCHECK PRICE

Red Pet Puffle - TouchdownCHECK PRICE

Wave 10 Yellow PuffleCHECK PRICE

Club Penguin Plush Toys on eBay - Find collectibles online

If you're looking for limited edition Club Penguin toys from earlier series or discontinued items from the game, eBay is the place to look. You can find almost anything here, even when it's not available elsewhere. Check below to see what Club Penguin toys are currently available.

Club Penguin Yeti Plush Toy
Available from Disney StoreCHECK PRICE

The Club Penguin Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an elusive figure who allegedly first appeared in the Dig Out the Dojo project at the Dogo Courtyard, but then disappeared. During the Great Snow Maze, players who completed it could get a Yeti costume. There are rumors that Herbert is the Yeti, but so far, the creature and his true identity remains a mystery.

Kids love Club Penguin plush toys

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What Are Your Favorite Disney Club Penguin Plush Toys? - Please sign the guestbook

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    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      Super cute little plushies - Love the green penguin.