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Divinity Dragon Commander Walkthrough

Updated on August 8, 2013

Divinity Dragon Commander Walkthrough Begins

Divinity Dragon Commander Walkthrough Begins.
Divinity Dragon Commander Walkthrough Begins.

In Divinity: Dragon Commander, the hero assumes the role of the bastard half dragon, born as the result of the union between a dragon and the previous king. The king has been dethroned by his children, and anarchy reigns in the land of Rivellon. Only the dragon commander can bring order back to the lands. However, he must learn the battle tactics of a general fast, or risk being destroyed by his half-siblings. This Divinity: Dragon Commander walkthrough will guide the newbie king-to-be on how to use the different sections and personnel on his flagship and how to use the correct battle tactics on the battle map and finally how to win each battle scenario and the war in Act I.

The hero will start on his flagship. The flagship is an airship which is divided into -

  • the bridge - this is where the main action takes place. Speak to essential personnel on the bridge, especially so to find out results of decisions that have been made earlier. In the centre of the bridge is the battle map of the current Act, where the hero's tactics and battles will be played out. Click on the dome of the battle map and then within the map, finish each turn by clicking on the button on the right lower button of the battle map.
  • the bar - the social hub of the ship, where the generals will congregate to sing praises of the dragon knight or complain over drinks. Quests for the generals will be given here, or on the bridge.
  • the throne room - where representatives or factions from the elven nations, dwarven nations, lizard nations and undead nations with suggest policies to the dragon commander and hope for his approval.
  • the engineering bay - where the chief imp engineer works hard to provide engineering ingenuity for the troops.
  • the royal chamber - where the wizard works to upgrade the commander's dragon powers. Later the wizard will reveal the source of the Raven's powers.

Divinity Dragon Commander Act 1 Battle Map

The dragon commander starts with a capital in Orcha. Try to create a landlocked Orcha to prevent land attack on the capital. Note that the button on the right ends each turn.
The dragon commander starts with a capital in Orcha. Try to create a landlocked Orcha to prevent land attack on the capital. Note that the button on the right ends each turn.

Divinity Dragon Commander Act 1 Walkthrough

In Act I, the bastard half dragon son of the former emperor seeks to assert himself on the battlefield and try to win over the support of his generals. He will start with a country (Orcha) in the centre of the act 1 battle map. The essential things that the hero needs to do are -

  • right click on the capital icon and start building the commander's army.
  • The troops recommended at the beginning are the troopers, the grenadiers and the warlocks.
  • With the troops so built, put some in the capital country and then move the rest to the surrounding lands to take over those countries or islands.

The hero has only one enemy here - Karthan. Take over the neutral countries before he can move troops into these countries. Once the neutral countries have been take over, build at least one war factory in the countries. The war factory allows the hero to recruit more troops. Start to strengthen the number of troops within each county of the hero's territories.

  • Try to take over the countries in such a way that the capital country cannot be reached by land. Naval battles are not that important in Act 1 and the landlocked capital country is protected from attack by the enemy by land.
  • Use the capital and all available war factories in the hero's land to manufacture more troops. Then leave the minimal troops in the hero's land and begin invading the enemies' territories.
  • The hero also has cards to play. Play the right cards to swing the advantage of the war to the hero's side.

Divinity Dragon Commander Auto Battle

The quick way to resolve a battle if you are a busy dragon commander. Make sure the probability of victory is in your favor before pressing ready.
The quick way to resolve a battle if you are a busy dragon commander. Make sure the probability of victory is in your favor before pressing ready.

Divinity Dragon Commander How to Win the Battle Scenario

There are two main ways to play each battle scenario once they start. The busy hero can opt to 'auto-resolve' each battle by sending one of the generals or the imperial army to lead his troops against the enemies. Generally, just click on the required general and watch the probability of winning change. Then play the right cards and maximise the probability of winning before clicking on the ready button.

Or the hero can opt to command the forces to win the battle scenario instead. The screen will change to a RTS mode and the hero will have to do the following to ensure victory -

  • build as many battle forges as possible and keep recruiting troops.
  • move to empty building sites and take over them. Build recruitment centres to recruit the population and then build more battle forges to get more troops.
  • with the troops so assembled, defend your territories and then move towards the enemy, taking them down with the sheer numbers of the hero's troops or with the troop's special abilities or both.
  • Note that after a period of time, the hero can morph into the dragon and engage the enemies. Initially, the dragon is not that powerful and morphing into the dragon does not help that much with the battle outcome. Later, the dragon can become very powerful indeed.

Act 1 is not that hard. With the above basic steps and tactics, the hero can invade the enemy's capital country and win the war.

Proceed to the next act.


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