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DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Hunter Demon

Updated on January 16, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Hunter Demon

DMC Devil May Cry Use Ebony and Ivory to Defeat Hunter Demon.
DMC Devil May Cry Use Ebony and Ivory to Defeat Hunter Demon.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Hunter Demon

In DMC Devil May Cry, the hero Dante will need to defeat the hunter demon in the final stage of mission 1 – Found. The hunter demon is a really ugly giant demon which has been hunting Dante since the start of the mission, either sending minions to defeat Dante or creating some kind of environmental havoc to disrupt Dante’s travels and send him to an untimely demise. This will guide Dante how on to overcome the various obstacles and use various tactics in the different stages of the fight against the hunter and eventually defeat the hunter.

DMC Devil May Cry Use Ebony and Ivory Against the Hunter

The first stage of the fight is relatively easy. Simply use Ebony and Ivory to shoot at the hunter’s face. The damage suffered by the hunter demon will not be much though using Ebony and Ivory. Dante can then switch to Rebellion and hack at the hunter demon’s legs (or face, if he is skilled enough).The hunter demon wields a deadly giant dagger in this right claw and will gladly swing this at Dante. Evade this move and then proceed to attack the hunter with Ebony and Ivory, or with Rebellion.

Once a certain amount of the hunter demon’s health is consumed in the attacks, the hunter demon will leap up onto a scaffolding and attack Dante from high ground.

Force the Hunter to Come Down

The second stage of the fight involves using Ebony and Ivory to attack the hunter from ground level. The hunter demon will use a hand grappling tool to trap Dante on the ground and damage him. Evade this attack, and then continuing attacking the hunter until it falls onto the ground. When the hunter demon falls onto the ground, hack at it’s face using Rebellion. The health bars of the hunter demon will drop quite fast with these series of attacks.

Evade the Hunter’s Disc Attacks in Darkness

The third stage of the fight starts when the health of the hunter demon drops again to a certain point. At this point, the hunter demon will start breathing darkness. This darkness will surround Dante and then the hunter demon will release a shining disc at Dante. When the disc is just about to hit Dante, evade. After a few sequences of dodging the disc, the darkness will dissipate and Dante can resume attacking the hunter demon.

The fight sequence will repeat itself by cycling back to stage 1 above. Repeat the techniques above, and the hunter demon will be defeated.


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