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DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Succubus

Updated on January 11, 2014

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Succubus

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Succubus
DMC Devil May Cry Defeat Succubus

In DMC Devil May Cry, the hero Dante must descend to the bottom of the Virility Factory and defeat Succubus. This is mission 6 Secret Ingredient. The secret ingredient is Succubus’s vile body fluid, secreted into the tanks of virility and marketed as a cool product. This will guide Dante on how to use his various combat moves to defeat Succubus.

Get to Succubus

Before Dante can defeat Succubus, he must first get to Succubus. The route to Succubus is initially downwards, but due to Kat’s demonic witchery, the path becomes horizontal instead. However, there is a time limit before the apparently horizontal route becomes vertical again. So Dante must hurry. This really involves a series of jump and angel boost through rifts in the ground. Dante can have a go at defeating the monsters along the way, but that will eat into the time limit. Dante can dodge the monsters and then open the pothole at the end of the passageway and slip into the chamber of the Succubus.

DMC Devil May Cry Tactics to Defeat Succubus

There will be a comedian conversational exchange between Succubus and Dante before the fight begins. No real explanation of why Succubus is called Succubus, because this demon is just plain ugly and stands no chance of seducing anyone.

Anyhow, to defeat Succubus, Dante should advance close to Succubus and use the Arbiter to hack at it’s claws (for the heavy damage). There will be a red bulge on Succubus’ head which will beckon the hero to hit at it. So jump into the air and hit at the red bulge. Succubus’ health will drop dramatically. When the first level of Succubus’ health drops to zero, Dante will kick Succubus into the virility fluid below. Whilst Succubus is hanging upside down in the fluid, turn to the left and use angel lift to hoist Dante to the platform on the left.

From there, use demon pull to disengage one of the wires holding onto Succubus. Now swing back into the main fighting platform and attack Succubus. Repeat the technique above to drop Succubus’ health bar to zero again. Swing onto the platform on the right and disengage Succubus’ second wire.

Now swing back to the main platform and drop Succubus’ health to zero for the third time. This time, without any wires to hold the monster up, Succubus will drop to the fluid below when it is defeated. Descend onto the virility fluid pool below and use a series of angel lift and demon pull to push Succubus into the outlet propeller.

Succubus will be shredded and will be defeated.

DMC Devil May Cry Enyx

DMC Devil May Cry Enyx
DMC Devil May Cry Enyx

With the defeat of Succubus, Dante will unlock Eryx.


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