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DMC Devil May Cry Furnace of Souls

Updated on January 26, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry Furnace of Souls

DMC Devil May Cry defeat the monsters at the arena in the furnace of souls to get to the demon king.
DMC Devil May Cry defeat the monsters at the arena in the furnace of souls to get to the demon king.

DMC Devil May Cry Furnace of Souls

In DMC Devil May Cry, Dante approaches the end of the road in his quest to eliminate the demon king. First he must survive the soul furnace and eliminate a gauntlet of monsters towards the end of the soul furnace mission. This will guide the hero on how to survive the furnace of souls and then defeat the combination of monsters towards the end of the mission.

DMC Devil May Cry Transverse the Obstacles in the Soul Furnace

The soul furnace is a series of stone pinnacles and cliffs separated by chasms and rifts. The hero must jump and angel boost from one point to another. However, periodically there will be roaring flames from the chasms, which will drop Dante's health quite a lot if Dante is caught in the flames. So time your jumps and eventually reach an area where Dante will be pitted against some monsters. This series of fight will be easy enough. Defeat them and move on to jumping past more obstacles. Dante will then demon pull some stones to reveal an arena that he must jump onto. The arena has a bar jutting out of the ground. Jump onto this bar and enter the arena.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Monsters in the Arena

There will be three sets of monsters in the arena of the furnace of souls The first set will be the combination of the tyrant and the witch. This combination is deceptively hard. The witch will keep throwing a shield onto the tyrant. And Dante must adjust by going from the tyrant to the witch when the witch becomes unshielded. Dante must defeat the witch fast. So use trillion stabs and force the witch into the flames of the furnace. When she teleports, use angel lift to get close to her and repeat the sequence. When she shields herself again, go and attack the tyrant. The tyrant can be defeated by using angel lift and demon pull to topple him over, and using heavy attacks to capitalise on the fallen tyrant. When the tyrant is defeated or shielded go attack the witch. Eventually, the two will be defeated, and the second round will start.

The second round will feature a tyrant and a dreamrunner. Dante should increase the distance between himself and the tyrant and then take on the dreamrunner. Use tactics previously utilized to defeat the dreamrunner. Then take on the tyrant.

The final round sees Dante pitted against the witch and the dreamrunner. Here, the hero should use tactics above to alternate between the witch and the dreamrunner, whichever one is unshielded at the moment. The witch should be destroyed first if possible. The dreamrunner attacks can be dodged by rolling everywhere. Vital stars may be needed for healing up. Once one of the monsters is destroyed, the other will stand no chance against Dante.

Now, go forth and jump through the final series of obstacles and get past the furnace of souls.


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