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Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale Rift in the Ruins

Updated on June 12, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale

Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale is a hack and slash game based partly on the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition rules. It can be downloaded in the Xbox 360 marketplace, or purchased as a PC game.

Here, the dungeons and dragons daggerdale first chapter rift in the runes, involving quests to help the dwarfs and open the gates into the lower layers, is explored and some difficult quests are explained. The dungeons and dragons daggerdale game may be viewed as a prelude to the actual dungeon crawler dungeon siege 3, and also a in-between game before Neverwinter hits the shelf. It has been a long time since Baldur's gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansion set.

Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale Playing Multiplayer Even When Playing Solo

The first real difficult quest in the dnd daggerdale game comes when the gamer is asked to collapse eight goblin mine shafts around the dwarven city. This may seem easy at first glance, but trying to collapse eight goblin mine shafts with respawning goblins all around the player can be very difficult indeed, especially for the low level solo character.

The way to solve this is as follows - there are a pair of dwarven guards standing outside the caverns where the goblin mine shafts are created. Either lure the goblins to these guards, or move these guards by pushing your character against them into the caverns. Once they sight the goblins, these guards are activated, and will start hacking at the goblins. The good thing is these guards appear to be immortal, so they will function as the tank, whilst the player stands at the back and starts a series of range attacks. This is particularly useful for the rogue elven character, who can sneak attack using the bow, and create lots of sneak attacks and critical damage scores from the back.

Once the respawning goblins are taken care of, stride in and take out the eight goblin mineshafts. Also for low level characters, this is a good opportunity to get some level up experience. This is also an opportunity to play multiplayer even when playing solo. Brilliant!

Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale Rift in Ruins Other Tactics

In the dnd daggerdale game, other tactics that may be helpful in finishing the quests in the rift in ruins first chapter include using the rogue elven character if one is playing solo. The reason is that the rogue elven character can dodge out of the way, which involves rolling away from the enemies. Also the rogue elven character can move at extraordinary pace, and can complete the quest without hacking through all the creatures in the dungeon. Next it may be useful to collect lots of healing potions from the monsters or from the merchants, and also any item that automatically heals the character such as the quickened necklace of cleansing. Remember to periodically browse through the merchants' stores for items like this.

With these tactics, one can proceed to Chapter 2 of dnd daggerdale - the Depths.

Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale Rift in Ruins


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