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Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center

Updated on July 22, 2014
Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center
Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center | Source

One of the Best Pretend Play Toys for Girls

For kids who want to be just like grown ups, pretend play toys like the new Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center by Just Play is perfect. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment to a child and her friends, but it can help ease the anxiety that many kids have about doctor visits.

Dottie McStuffins has been a hit Disney character since May of 2012 because she seems to be just like a little girl who wants a bit of role reversal. She wants to "fix" her friends and toys when they get sick.

The Check Up Center playset comes with built in interactive features and lots of delightful accessories that exactly match everything on the hit TV series. Her friend Lambie the dancer is included so that she can diagnose and treat her illness.

Sit back and watch as your child indulges in the X-ray machine, weighing scale, growth chart, the Big Book of Boo Boos, medical instruments and lots more role playing features in the toy. In addition to this playset, there are many more Doc McStuffins toys that are sure to delight any little fan of the show.

4 stars for Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center

Doc McStuffins Check Up Center Playset

The checkup center is a good size for a child aged 3 years and up. It measures 25 x 12 x 38 inches.

Your child can heal her toys and Lambie the plush toy by placing Lambie on the table to activate the lights and sound. The electronic Big Book of Boo Boos that is featured on the show is used to diagnose problems, play x-rays slide into a machine that shows you a broken heart or butterflies in the stomach, a movable scale checks the toy's weight, there's a height chart, and a cell phone lets the little doctor talk to Hallie, the assistant.

In addition to the features on the check up center, there are proper medical instruments that every doctor needs - a syringe, an otoscope and a reflex hammer. Once the doctor is done with her check up, she can bandage up her patient with band aids from the dispenser.

There are other little details included in the center, like a faucet that makes a noise, a sign that flips over, and storage space behind cabinet doors with an eye chart on the inside.

Take a closer look

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The doctor's medical instrumentsLambie getting checked upTaking X-rays
The doctor's medical instruments
The doctor's medical instruments
Lambie getting checked up
Lambie getting checked up
Taking X-rays
Taking X-rays

What You Need to Know

This set needs 3 AA batteries for the center and 2 AAA batteries for the cell phone. These are not included with the set.

The playset is 100% plastic.

The center has to be assembles but the instructions are easy to follow and set up should only take about 30 minutes.

Why the Doc McStuffins Check Up Center is a Good Toy

Does your child get anxious about a doctor's visit? This role play toy can be great at helping her understand how the body works and needs to be taken care of.

If she gets hurt, she may be able to cope better with getting treated. When she gets sick, she'll know how to explain to her doctor what her symptoms are. When it's time to learn about body parts, this can be a good tool to visualize them.

Doc McStuffins Doctor's Coat Costume and Bonus Accessories

To complete the doctor's look, this costume includes a purple and white top under a white doctor's coat. In addition, you'll get cool bonus accessories like a name tag, ear otoscope, a heart cuff bracelet and a pink glitter headband.

This costume will easily fit children between the ages of 3 and 5.

Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag

To supplement the medical instruments that come with the check up center, you could also get this doctor's bag that is also featured on the show. This way a child can carry her bag when she visits friends to do her rounds!

The set includes a stethoscope, otoscope, blood pressure cuff, bandage cuff, syringe, and sticker sheet. The stethoscope lights up and plays a sound when it is used on a patient.

Demo of the Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center

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