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Dragon Age 2 Kirkwall Chantry Battle

Updated on February 23, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Kirkwall Chantry

Dragon Age 2 Kirkwall Chantry
Dragon Age 2 Kirkwall Chantry

Dragon Age 2 Kirkwall

Dragon age 2 demo continues after flight from Lothering into Kirkwall. The dragon age 2 demo must have skipped a few steps on Hawke's arrival to Kirkwall, because at this time, he or she is already at a significantly higher level than previously, and if one is a mage, then the spells Winter's Hand, Firestorm, Fireball would be available to Hawke.

In dragon age 2 kirkwall, Hawke liaises with a rogue called Isabella, who has been surprise attacked by several of the chantry's people. If Hawke is a mage, then just alternately unleash Firestorm and Fireball on the enemies. If the dragon age 2 firestorm or fireball is still recharging, then use Mindblast or Winter's Grasp as a plan B to repel the enemies until the two spells are fully charged again.

Dragon Age 2 Chantry Battle

Isabella leads the party (you cannot use Isabella in the dragon age 2 demo) to an area just outside the chantry, where another fight occurs with the chantry people. Douse them with firestorm and fireball and continue.

Up the stairs and into the chantry, where a conversation between Isabella and Hayder happens - this conversation touches briefly on Castillon wanting Isabella out of the way with some issues about her trade deals with Castillon in the past. Naturally, in as in dragon age, conversations like this explode into fights.

Fighting the chantry battle with Hayder is easy. Use your fighters Carver and Aveline against Hayder. Isabella (whom you cannot control) will likely attack Hayder as well. Stand Hawke close to these characters but not enough to be in melee combat. As a mage, then use firestorm and fireball, as enemies will close in to protect Hayder. Leave your rogue outside to deal with the enemies in the periphery. Use healing potions wisely. There will be two or three waves, after which the fight is over, and Hayder is on the ground. Isabella asks you to seek her out a nearby inn.

Thus ends the dragon age 2 demo.

Dragon Age 2 Demo Review

Overall, it looks like dragon age 2 has been streamlined to make the role playing element less and the fighting more straightforward, much like what bioware did with mass effect 2. The combat sequences certainly feel more fast-paced and straight forward, despite using a mage and lots of pause and reload clicks. The level up system has been reorganized and appears more limited than dragon age origins. Let's examine this level up system and explore the various mages, warriors and rogues and specialization one can create.


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