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Dragon Age 2 Legacy Final Battle Against Corypheus

Updated on August 6, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Corypheus Ring of Fire

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Corypheus Ring of Fire
Dragon Age 2 Legacy Corypheus Ring of Fire

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Final Battle Against Corypheus

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy, the final battle is initiated after breaking the final seal. Naturally the final seal has to be broken with both the Hawke's Key and Hawke's blood. Once the final seal has been broken, Corypheus rises again. He mumbles something about the old Tevinter empire, and Hawke and company realize that he was one of the original mages that accidentally became the Darkspawn and initiated the first Blight and many more to come. Also Hawke and company realize that they must defeat Corypheus to prevent releasing a major cataclysm onto the world.

To defeat the Corypheus nightmare, one must understand the various stages of the fight and conserve health, lyrium and stamina potions to maintain themselves to the end of the fight.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Defeating Corypheus First Stage

The first part of the first stage of the dragon age 2 legacy is simple. Keep pounding Corypheus with magic and melee attacks and ranged attacks if any. Once Corypheus goes down to about a third of his hit points, he will teleport to the pedestal, and draw power from the griffon statues. Once he unleashes his powers, Hawke and party cannot harm him. He will start spitting fire from his hands which will sweep across the chamber, and Hawke and party must avoid the ring of sweeping fire or suffer a lot of damage. Head out to the griffon statues and click on them each one in turn, and take out the shades that emerge. Then make your way to the next statue, avoiding the sweeping fire of course. Once the four statues and shades have been demolished, continue to pound Corypheus.

Dragon Age Universe

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Defeating Corypheus Second Stage

It comes as no surprise that Corypheus again teleports to the center of the pedestal once his hit points go down to a certain level. This time, his ring of fire is accompanied by rocks that erupt from the chambers to hinder the party's march towards each of the four statues. Invariably the party will become engulfed in the periphery of the flames of the ring of fire. Therefore heal up using spirit healer magic or use potions to heal up after defeating each shade and before advancing to the next statue. Again once all the statues have been clicked and shades destroyed, the party can damage Corypheus again, and take him to the third stage.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Defeating Corypheus

Dragon Age 2 Defeating Corypheus through Fire, Rock and Electricity
Dragon Age 2 Defeating Corypheus through Fire, Rock and Electricity

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Defeating Corypheus Third Stage

In dragon age 2 legacy, Corypheus will teleport and go into his third stage of assault. This time, his powers will call up elemental forks of lightning to go between the rocks that have erupted from the chamber. This will make it even more difficult for the party to advance past the obstacles to click on the statues. Invariably, the party will be caught in the electricity and the rings of fire. So heal up and use those last lyrium and stamina potions and health potions to defeat the shades. Then target Corypheus and keep pounding him he is defeated.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Is Corypheus Truly Dead

Once the 600 hundred year old body of Corypheus is defeated, a cut scene happens where Janeka apologizes to Hawke for evenly considering that she could take on the might of Corypheus and try to bind him. We are talking here about one of the original mages who was turned into Darkspawn (see the Dragon Age Origins game). Janeka then strives to go and warn the Grey Wardens of the dangers of the Vimmark Chasm and the ancient evil it holds. But according to Varric, she never reaches the Grey Wardens, and instead has gone missing. Is Corypheus truly dead, or just taken another form? This storyline reminds one of the Diablo 2 storyline, where a seemingly defeated Diablo in fact just took another form to walk across the desert and release the other ancient evils Bael and Memphisto. Diablo 3 is set to be released later in 2011.

The story of Dragon Age is set to continue with the release of this ancient evil into the Dragon Age Universe.

Dragon Age 2 Defeating Corypheus


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