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Dragon Age 2 Legacy Vimmark Chasm

Updated on July 30, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Defeating Rhatigan and Obtaining the Hawke's Key

Dragon Age 2 Defeating Rhatigan and Obtaining the Hawke's Key
Dragon Age 2 Defeating Rhatigan and Obtaining the Hawke's Key

Dragon Age 2 Vimmark Chasm

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy Vimmark Chasm, the party heads down into Vimmark Chasm that houses the fortress of the dwarfs that are hunting the "Blood of Hawke". The first fight in the Vimmark Chasm is against some dwarfs in a compound. This will be easy for a party that has already finished the main quest in dragon age 2. In fact, so easy that one has to raise the difficulty level to Hard. Could even try Nightmare. There are lots of goodies and treasures to pick up after the fight. Search around carefully for the gate key that will allow one to head down into the lower levels of Vimmark Chasm. When the key is obtained, the party is ambushed by more dwarfs. These dwarfs line themselves in a straight line, making them cannon fodder for the party.

Dragon Age 2 Vimmark Chasm Up Against the Cartel Master Sniper

The next stage in the dragon age 2 dlc vimmark chasm level is to be pitted against the cartel master sniper, who as the name suggests, will throw up some arrows, then run and sneak away down the stairs. To finish them effectively when they appear, use the mages' petrify. Even better if there are two mages. Use petrify again and again, and then allow the massively damaging melee fighters to finish them off. This is essential as chasing the dwarfs down the stairs will trigger many traps and lead to damage for the party. O

Once the party clears the stairs, they come up against a mini-boss dwarf. This mini-boss is quite easy to deal with. Use your mages to cast area attacks spells to deal with the rest of the dwarfs and then focus all attacks on the mini-boss. Once this is done, the mini-boss will drop some good items, but not as good as the ones in the Black Emporium.

Dragon Age 2 Defeating Rhatigan

In dragon age 2 legacy, after transversing the Vimmark Chasm, Hawke and party head down to the carta hideout, where eventually they meet with the head of the dwarfs Rhatigan. Apparently Rhatigan has made a pact with the arch villain of the dragon age 2 legacy series called Corypheus to obtain the blood of Hawke.

To defeat Rhatigan, first be aware of the tactical arrangements of the dwarfs in this fight. It is very important to take out the dwarfs in the upper part of the compound who are throwing arrows down onto Hawke and party. Concentrate your fighters against Rhatigan, and then use your mages and various area attack spells like Tempest, Haemorrhage, Firestorm and Cone of Cold to take out these mages. Heading upstairs onto the upper platforms will also prevent the heroes from being stampeded by the Bronto, a rhino-like creature that charges relentessly at the heroes as they fight Rhatigan. Once the dwarf arches are taken care of, head down to help finish off Rhatigan.

When the fight is over, Hawke will obtain a class-specific item called the Hawke Key - a clue to the dragon age 2 legacy quest. Search the surrounding areas for more goodies, and then head into the Deep Roads and look for Corypheus.

Dragon Age 2 Defeating Rhatigan


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