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Dragon Age Arcane Warrior

Updated on July 6, 2010

Dragon Age Arcane Warrior

In dragon age origins, one can play as an arcane warrior. This dragon age specialization is obtained at the Brecilian Forest, whilst trying to find a way into the Lair of the Werewolves. The player character will pick up a phylactery which will communicate to you through the mind...... it yearns for release and wants you to shatter it and release it from an eternity of being locked up in the phylactery. To become a dragon age arcane warrior, the player character has to bargain with the phylactery and allow the knowledge contained within to be transmitted to the player character. Following this, the mage must be level 7 or level 14 (double specialization) to become a dragon age arcane warrior.

Dragon Age Arcane Warrior Skill Tier

Once the player character becomes a dragon age arcane warrior, 4 skills specific to dragon age arcane warrior are allowed, and unlocked one at a time depending on the level and if you wish to spend some points in this area.

The skills are -

  • Combat Magic - this is essential because this allows the dragon age arcane warrior to use Magic to substitute for strength; this means if the mage has a Magic of 38, then the strength will be 38, allowing the mage to wear like plate armor and strike down the enemy with a dragonbone longsword.
  • Aura of Might - this will add attack, defense and damage to the dragon age arcane warrior
  • Shimmering Shield - adds armor bonus to the arcane warrior, and increases resistances against elemental type attacks
  • Fade Shroud - allows the arcane warrior to exist partly in this world, and partly outside it, allowing the arcane warrior a chance to avoid attacks and for mana to replenish quickly.

Dragon Age Arcane Warrior Optimization

Once the dragon age arcane warrior is born or if a decision is made to become an arcane warrior, then the player character should be wise in distributing points to the 5 attributes. Suggestions based on one's own blood mage - arcane warrior build are:

  • Strength - don't bother to add points to this, because Combat Magic will effectively make Magic the Strength equivalent for the arcane mage.
  • Dexterity - the player character has to invest points in this area, otherwise you will just hit air instead of the enemy monster.
  • Willpower - add some points to this area, but not too much, as this contributes to mana. Once the player character gains Aura of Might, good weapons and armor and fade shroud, and with lots of Lysium potions, this area is important, but can be made up by the above mentioned items.
  • Magic - invest heavily in this area.

Dragon Age Arcane Warrior Battle Tactics

With the dragon age arcane warrior, there are a few battle tactics available.

  • With Wynne in your party, she is essentially a healer, so she will heal and heal and heal, and you just have to consume potions if she is healing other characters. Buff up your dragon age arcane warrior, use the mightiest weapons and armors, and chop the enemy monsters into pieces. A no-brainers approach.
  • If the player character "accidentally" disposes of Wynne in order to side with the more beautiful and enigmatic Morrigan (in the Mage Tower quest), and wants to play as an arcane warrior, the player character just needs to learn Heal, and then cast combat magic, and then wear absolutely the best and impenetrable armor, and buff up with some defensive spells like Rock Armor. There are then 2 ways to do this. Let the main player character become passive and heal, using the preset command, and switch to Morrigan. Make Morrigan the "Freezing Specialist", and continue freezing the enemies, whilst the main character will continue healing, and your fighters - Leilana, Zevran, Alistair, Shane the Golem, Stern, etc will make piecemeal of the enemies. Alternatively, use the main player character to alternate between heal and freeze so your fighters can destroy the enemies.

Either way, enjoy your dragon age arcane warrior!


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