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Dragon Age Bloodmage

Updated on March 31, 2015

Dragon Age Bloodmage

The Dragon Age bloodmage is one of the mage specialization classes in Dragon Age: Origins. Before you decide if your character wants to play as a bloodmage, understand the 4 levels of spells of a dragon age bloodmage.

First level – Blood magic – this must be turned on for blood magic to work. Unfortunately if this is turned on, the dragon age blood mage now uses his health points as a source of fuel for the blood magic instead of mana, and also becomes incredibly difficult to heal, so the blood mage becomes very vulnerable indeed. One has to be aware of this. Second level or tier is Blood Sacrifice where you use your npc characters' blood to heal yourself. This spell is practically useless.

Third Tier – Blood Wound – now we move onto the really useful spells that can be used in battle effectively. This spell causes the blood within all creatures in the battlefield to boil, causing great damage. Finally in the fourth tier we have the Blood Control spell that will seize control of a target and make it do the dragon age bloodmage's bidding. If the target passes a spell check, then the bloodmage can still manipulate the target's blood, causing it great damage.

With the 4 tiers of blood magic of a dragon age bloodmage in mind, we can now construct a powerful dragon age bloodmage. This will require saving points from leveling up to distribute to attributes useful in the construction of a bloodmage, namely constitution, magic and willpower.

Specialization as a Dragon Age Bloodmage

To specialize as a dragon age bloodmage, you have to go to Redcliffe and solve the town's first quest. This involves defending the town against hordes of undead streaming down from the castle at the top and into the town. This is followed by infiltration into the castle. This is where you meet your good friend Jowan, himself a bloodmage, quite a fumbling and useless apostate bloodmage. However, he is useful later in performing the rites that will send you into the Fade to challenge the demon causing the mischief in Redcliffe, so keep him alive. Once in the Fade, confront the demon, and make a bargain with the demon for power. You will be granted the bloodmage specialization. This is where the points you save up on leveling become useful, as the first 2 tiers of blood magic are not that useful, and you are really gearing for the last 2 spells as a dragon age bloodmage.

History of Dragon Age Bloodmage in Ferelden

In Ferelden, blood magic was originally used by the Tevinters to achieve greater power. Blood magic allows the caster to use his servants to greater his own magical powers. It allowed the caster to dominate the minds of others in their sleep and influence their thoughts and ultimately control them. One of the side effects was that the Veil would be opened and demons would enter the world of Ferelden. This form of magic was gradually wiped out from mainstream mages as the old Imperium lost power, and anyone in Ferelden using blood magic is severely frowned upon. Funny enough, using blood magic does not impede the main character from completing Dragon Age Origins in any way.

Dragon Age Inquisition changes the format of the mage classes, with the blood mage becoming a thing of the past in Dragon Age 2. Instead, the knight enchanter class, along with the rift mage comes into play. Also, Tevinter introduces the necromancer class.


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