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Dragon Age Inquisition Inner Circle Quests

Updated on January 11, 2015

In Dragon Age Inquisition, the inquisitor has his inner circle. The inner circle of the inquisitor refers to his inner sanctum of adventuring party mates and his advisers. The inner circle adventuring companions include -

  • Cassandra
  • Sera
  • Blackwall
  • Vivienne
  • Iron Bull
  • Cole
  • Varric
  • Solas

This will guide the hero on where to get the inner circle companions at the beginning.

The advisers in the inquisitor inner circle include -

  • Leliana, spy mistress
  • Josephine, chief diplomat
  • Cullen, commander of the soldiers of the Inquisition

The advisers and the inquisitor work in the war room to do operations and discuss how to deal with Corypheus.

This will also guide the inquisitor on how to complete the inner circle quests of the companions and the advisers, with a focus on romance in some cases.

Note that once you finish each companion quest, it gives the Inquisitor great satisfaction to see the change in icon when you are gathering your party. The icon for each loyal companion will change. As an example, a loyal Blackwall will be seen riding a horse, or mystical creature of some kind.

Dragon Age Inquisition Cassandra Inner Circle Quest

  • Cassandra joins the Inquisition at the beginning.

Cassandra may be the last of the true seekers. She was distraught by the events at the Temple of Sacred Ashes but managed to pull herself together to make the inquisitor establish the inquisition. Cassandra has to be the hardest companion to romance, but if you are up for it, here goes.

First you need to talk to Cassandra to gain her favour. Whatever you do, just say things like

  • the chantry is great
  • thank the maker this happened
  • things to do with faith, and keep the faith, etc

At major events and cutscenes in the story, do the following -

  • charge with the soldiers in the Frostback Mountain
  • conscript the mages
  • ally with the templars at the redoubt
  • exile the Grey Wardens
  • when officially made the Inquisitor at Skyhold, say you are a "servant of faith"
  • support Gaspard at the Halamshiral
  • drink from the Well of Sorrows

Keep flirting with Cassandra at Haven and at Skyhold. Cassandra is a lady with ambition, and she has much unfinished business. As such, she will ask the hero to finish her unfinished business. This involves dealing with rogue mages of the seekers. The hero will have to open up routes in the Hinterlands, the Emerald Graves, the Western approach, the Exalted Plains and the Emprise du Lion to do this.

This is especially so in the Exalted Plains and Western Approach area. In the Exalted Plains, the hero needs to open up Ghila'nain Grove.

Here is an example of how to go to and take care of the unfinished business in the Exalted Plains.

Later, Cassandra wants to deal with the missing seekers in a later conversation. Go to the war table and unlock this operation at Castle Caer Oswin. This is the promise of destruction quest.

Eventually, after various dialogues, Cassandra wants the Inquisitor to romance her the traditional way. So first speak to Varric in the guilty pleasure quest.

Then open up the ideal romance quest and bed Cassandra. This will complete the inner circle quest, bar choosing a divine for the Inquisition.

Of course, before heading off to kill the final boss, share a final romantic moment with Cassandra.

Dragon Age Inquisition Varric Inner Circle Quest

  • Varric joins the inquisition at the beginning.

Varric is a dwarf, storyteller, novelist and crossbow specialist adventurer. To gain favour with Varric is easy. Just keep doing Varric related operations at the war table. Varric also keeps getting amulets of power which makes one so jealous. Later, at Haven and Skyhold, speak to Varric and he will disclose his encounters with the red lyrium.

  • 'Primeval Red Lyrium' - Varric hates this stuff. He asks the inquisitor to destroy 12 of the primeval red lyrium. This is the seeing red quest.

Next, Bianca the lady discloses that there is a leak in the merchant guild which led Corypheus to the red lyrium. Bianca proposes a trip to Valammar dungeon to seek out this leak.

In fact, it turns out Bianca is the leak. Go back to Skyhold and Varric will throw a party for the Inquisition.

Dragon Age Inquisition Vivienne Inner Circle Quest

  • Vivienne joins the party later after the heroes go to Val Royeaux.

Speak to Vivienne at Skyhold and Haven and she will want the heart of Snow White. Snow White is really the white wyvern.

  • Unlock the Ghilan'nain Grove by going there first from the second camp in the Exalted Plains. Then discover that the area ahead is blocked by blocks of stone. Remove the stones by going back to Skyhold and doing an operation. Head into Ghilan'nain Grove. Ghilan'nain Grove also contains lots of gurguns.

Vivienne needs the heart of the white wyvern to heal her love. Vivienne is a proud woman. Say the right things to gain Vivienne favour.

Once this Vivienne quest is complete, you will get a unique armor headgear for her


  • Find Blackwall at the Storm Coast. Blackwall is a grey warden.

Speak to Blackwall repeatedly and he will ask the hero to do the Memory of the Grey quest. This involves the party to get the grey warden artifacts.

After finding the Grey Warden artifacts, Blackwall disappears, only to reappear in Val Royeaux, not as Blackwall but the person he is truly - Thom Rainier. Play through the Blackwall inner circle quest to see what can be done to retain the services of 'Blackwall'.


Sera joins the inquisition almost at the beginning. She is a friend of Red Jenny. Start this quest to get Sera the companion.

It is harder to find Sera at Skyhold.

Sera will only romance a female elf inquisitor. Gain favour with Sera at all opportunities, including key decision points. An example is the official appointment of the Inquisitor.

Iron Bull

  • The inquisitor can find Iron Bull in the storm coast.

Iron Bull appears to be a drunk at the Skyhold Tavern, but he cares for his chargers and his comrades in arms. Speak to him repeatedly and have drinks with him, and he will eventually say that the Ben Hassrath has come asking for the Inquisition's help. This is the Demands of the Qun quest. At the end of the quest, you can either

  • Save the charges but not form an alliance between the Qun and the Inquisition
  • Sacrifice the charges but form an alliance between the Qun and the Inquisition. What a powerful alliance for future dlc.


  • Cole will join the party at Skyhold if the inquisitor sides with the mage, or he will appear for the first time in the head of the Inquisitor, if the hero sides with the templar in Champions of the Just quest at Therinfall Redoubt.


  • Dorian will join the party at Redcliffe if the inquisitor tries to recruit the mages. Dorian is a Tevinter mage, and he hates the Venatori.


  • Solas joins the party at the beginning. Solas is a rift mage.

As per previous companions, keep talking to Solas and gaining favour from him. In particular, keep sweet talking about learning, knowledge and rift magic. Eventually, Solas opens up and asks the Inquisitor to help him with the first quest - Measuring the Veil.


  • Leliana joins the inquisition as an advisor at the start. You cannot romance Leliana as she is in a romance with the Hero of Ferelden.

Later, you can do Leliana's Left Hand of the Divine Quest.


Josephine is a diplomat from Orlais who advises the inquisitor on diplomatic matters.


Cullen will also join the inquisition at the beginning.


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