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Dragon Age Morrigan

Updated on February 27, 2011

Dragon Age Morrigan

Dragon Age Morrigan
Dragon Age Morrigan

Dragon Age Morrigan

Dragon Age Morrigan is one of the companions of the Grey Warden player character. In dragon age origins, Morrigan joins the grey warden early on after Alistair is recruited. The Grey Warden and Alistair are sent to the tower to sound the alarm and advance the bulk of the king's army against the Darkspawn. Instead, the grey warden and Alistair are ambushed, and knocked unconscious. Morrigan's mother - the great dragon age Flemeth, rescues the grey warden and Alistair from certain death. Later Morrigan, the witch-mage brought up by Flemeth in the Kocari Wilds of Ferelden is sent on the quest against the Darkspawn with the Grey Warden.

Morrigan's personality is perhaps the most difficult of all the companions. A snapshot of her personality and a rare picture of her smiling is seen here.

Dragon Age Morrigan - leveling up

Leveling up Dragon Age Morrigan is both challenging and rewarding. She can indeed become one of the most powerful mage in Ferelden. Bioware - the developer of Dragon Age has said that more can be expected of Morrigan, although so far the only downloadable content is in fact on Leliana - the other female companion of Dragon Age Origins.

Morrigan starts off as a shapeshifter. She can transform into a spider, bear or swarm of angry insects. The last stage of the shapeshifting gives her much more power when she is animal mode.

Morrigan can also be leveled up to become a powerful support mage. One has to give her the Sleep and Waking Nightmare powers. These spells not only stun the opponents by making them fall asleep, but can also disorient them to the extent of making them attack themselves.

Morrigan can specialize at level 14 into one of the following - Spirit Healer, Blood Mage or Arcane Warrior. Perhaps Arcane Warrior would be the best, as it gives her defensive capabilities, whilst still retaining her ability to cast spells and use mana (instead of hit points and constitution in blood mage). If you have Wynne in the party, dont use Morrigan as the Spirit Healer.

Morrigan's personal quest involves defeating her mother - the dragon shapeshifter Flemeth. Once that is unlocked and with the appropriate dragon age gift, Morrigan can become a great mage indeed, with a magic of 55 as shown above.

More on dragon age companions later!


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