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Dragon Age Orzammar

Updated on August 9, 2010

The Diamond Quarter in Dragon Age Orzammar

The Diamond Quarter in Dragon Age Orzammar
The Diamond Quarter in Dragon Age Orzammar

Dragon Age Orzammar

Dragon Age Orzammar is a large part of the main storyline in Dragon Age Origins. Here the player character arrives in the City of Orzammar in Dragon Age, in the midst of an upheaval between Prince Bhelen and Lord Harrowmont. The player character has to choose between one of the 2 lords to support as the New King of Orzammar.

If the player character or PC supports Prince Bhelen, then the first quest is obtained from one of his sidekicks just outside the Parliament. See here for maps of Orzammar and the Deep Roads.

The first quest in Dragon Age Orzammar involves going into the Deep Roads and extracting one of the estranged dwavern lords and convincing him that Lord Harrowmont has double promised him and one of the other lords of a certain piece of land should Lord Harrowmont become King. The main monsters involved in this part of the quest involve deep stalkers and genlocks. The monsters can be more annoying rather than challenging, and items retrieved are minimal powered items, so not very entertaining part of the dragon age orzammar storyline.

Dragon Age Orzammar - into Dust-town

The dwarven society in Dragon Age Orzammar is divided into caste system. From lowest to highest, they are no caste, commoners, and nobles. The dwarves with no caste live in Dust-town. At the moment after completing the first quest, the party learns that Dust-town has been taken over by a criminal carta led by Jarvis. The party's 2nd quest is to find and destroy Jarvis's carta. No easy task.

The first step is to go into Dust-town, where the party has to go into the last part of Dust-town and into a derelict house. Attack the dwarfs inside to obtain a key that opens a door just around the corner from this house. Once the party enters the door, its a straight on collision course with Jarvis. Finish off Jarvis and then head back to Prince Bhelen.

Once the 1st quest has been done, Prince Bhelen will be available for talking to the party at the royal palace. Note that this also opens up the Orzammar Dragon quest within the Royal Palace.

Dragon Age Orzammar - the Deep Roads and Beyond

The 2nd quest completed unlocks the 3rd quest. In order for the parliament to fully support Prince Bhelen, he must obtain the support of the last remaining Paragorn alive, who is rumoured to be lost somewhere in the Deep Roads and Beyond, searching for the Anvil of the Void, in order to restore dwarven glory days to the Dragon Age Orzammar dwarven empire. Branka, the last Paragorn is mad indeed. To make matters worse, the party is joined on the eve of the 3rd quest by Oghrein, a dwarven berserker.

The Deep Roads in the 3rd quest are a classic hack and slash dungeon crawling extravaganza. Bring plenty of health and mana potions, bring lost of arrows and firepower, and let the weapons and spells do the talking. One thing leads to another and more and more areas within the deep roads open up for the party as they battle on. Many epic level boss fights are contained within this section of the main storyline.

Eventually, the party arrives at the Anvil of the Void, and find their path to the Anvil and support from Branka stopped by a stone golem leader. Well the same story here. Take down the golem and the smaller golems supporting him, and then ask Branka to make a crown to support Prince Bhelen. Bring the crown back to Prince Bhelen and he will be crowned King, and the dwarfs will promise to help the PC against the blight.

The Dragon Age Orzammar main storyline is long indeed, and takes many sleepless nights to finish.


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