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Dragon Age Specializations

Updated on April 4, 2015
Arcane Warrior Specialization
Arcane Warrior Specialization

Dragon Age Specializations

In Dragon Age Origins, one starts out as with a class and a race / caste type. There are 3 classes – warrior, rogue and mage. Then each class can specialize into 1 specialization class at level 7 and another specialization class at level 14. This is known as dragon age specializations and dragon age dual specialization respectively.

Dragon Age Warrior Specialization

A warrior can specialize into the following sub-classes – beserker, champion, templar and reaver. The warriors one can recruit into the team include Alistair, a grey warden like yourself, who is also a templar. The other warriors are Sten and Oghren.

Dragon Age Rogue Specialization

A rogue can specialize into the following sub-classes – assassin, bard, duelist and ranger. The rogues one can recruit into the party include Zevran, who will unlock the assassin specialization. Leliana is recruited and will unlock the bard specialization. Duelist is unlocked in Denerim after beating Isabela in a game.

Dragon Age Mage Specialization

A mage can specialize into the following sub-classes – bloodmage, arcane warrior, shapeshifter and spirit healer. For the mage, there are many great specializations to play around with. Try the bloodmage / arcane warrior specializations for example. You can potentially use 3 mages – the main character – bloodmage / arcane warrior, Morrigan – shapeshifter / bloodmage and Wynne – spirit healer / bloodmage, and use a tank such as Alistair or Zevran to cunningly take out the enemies. Great potential there!

Dragon Age Inquisition Specializations

In Dragon Age Inquisition, the specialization skill has been expanded due to the introduction of rift magic. These are the specialization classes -

  • warrior - the reaver, the templar, the champion
  • rogue - the tempest, the assassin, the artificer
  • mage - the knight-enchanter, the rift mage, the necromancer

Even if you don't specialize in one of the paths, you can use your followers to do so. Gameplay is varied and amazing!


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