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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Level Up Guide

Updated on March 14, 2015

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, there are a few things that define the fighting prowess of the hero. These attributes will allow the hero to become more powerful, last longer and execute more powerful abilities in combat. In essence, the hero will be able to defeat the enemies and restore the timeline. This Dragon Ball Xenoverse level up upgrade guide will provide a list of the skills that the hero can equip to his fighting repertoire, where to get the skills and how to level up or upgrade properly so he or she can defeat the legendary enemies in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and correct the disrupted timelines.

At the beginning, the class of each character will define the initial attributes of the hero. Then, as the hero wins more and more battles, he will collect attribute points which he can add on to his primary stats and become more powerful. These ability scores are -

  • Health Maximum
  • Ki Bar Maximum
  • Stamina Capacity Maximum
  • Basic Attacks
  • Strike Supers
  • Ki Blast Supers

The main heroine uses some basic skills at the beginning. These skills include

  • Consecutive Energy Blast
  • Energy Shot
  • Energy Charge
  • Full Power Energy Blast Volley

With each fight, the heroine will gain more and more experience and level up. Alongside the rewards of battle, the hero will also gain cash which he can then use in the shops in the industrial area to purchase more skills.

It's then up to the hero to mash the different skills for different opponents. For example, in the first fight against Raditz, the hero does not need much level up. All he or she has to do is to string together some basic attacks and combo moves and Raditz the first Saiyan will be defeated.

Later, the fights become tougher, and the hero or heroine needs to either

  • purchase some skills from the skills shop in Toki Toki, or

  • get a teacher such as Piccolo, the rather useless Krillin, the charismatic and super cute hypocrite Hercule, the arrogant egomaniac Vegata, Perfect Cell and super high level (level 40) teachers such as Gohan, Videl, Gotrunks (fusion of Goten and Trunks) and Android 18. For example, Piccolo will teach the Evil Blast skill, as long as you can defeat him.

High Level Teachers (Shi) and Their Skills

  • Gotenks will teach you at level 40. The Galactic Donut - but this skill takes time to load up; make sure you stun the enemies first.

  • Or, the heroine can go and do the parallel missions, and level up and get some super skills. Note that some super skills such as Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 or Super Buu's skills or Majin Buu's turn into candy skills can only be obtained this way and only if the heroine scores high enough on the battle meter (Z,S,A,B,C or F - mostly Z to C)
  • With these skills, level up on the ki combo moves and combine these with basic moves to defeat the tougher bosses from Freiza to Majin Buu.

There are many skills to choose from when one levels up. Here is a brief list of some of the skills, including the iconic skills. At the beginning, the names are unknown, but as they are learnt, the names will become available.

Strike Super Powers - Some Examples

  • a chargeable strike attack, smack your enemy down
  • fire off several punches at the speed of sound, short reach but fast
  • fire off several kicks at speed of sound, you can switch to another move mid-attack
  • attack with a fast flying knee kick, succeed and your normal attack will be temporarily boosted
  • slash with ki blades! They'll cancel out weak ki blasts
  • charge the enemy while wrapped in ki, chargable, longer charge and stronger with better reach
  • slash with a sword, chargable, charge and you move right to your enemy
  • a serial sword attack, succeed and use the move again to fire a follow up ki blast
  • an instant rush strike attack! use a serial attack to launch your enemy straight up
  • fly around and launch this strike attack
  • grab and attack and an enemy to steal their ki
  • grab and attack an enemy to steal their stamina
  • a series of dance like kicks attack while repelling weak ki basics
  • a frontal sweeping strike attack. It can negate ki waves and also be used whilst guarding
  • a strike attack of countless punches and kicks
  • unleash a knee kick whilst jumping upwards, can be used during jump as well
  • a charge attack with reach, enter a command during the charge to unleash a palm strike
  • a charge attack where you close in and seemingly disappear,t hen strike a hit as soon as you appear in front of your opponent
  • unleash a charge attack with air warped around your body! you can control the direction of hour charge slightly
  • a move where you unleash a flurry of punches, can be used during jump as well
  • a chargeable strike attack with the trajectory of an arc
  • this taunting pose will ward off any attack. If effective against an attack, you will appear behind your opponent.

Ki Blast Super Powers - Some Examples

  • Kamehameha - the definitive dragon ball skill fire a ki blast that can be staged to stage 3
  • collect energy and fire a fearsome ki blast, release your stored energy whenever you want
  • changes into an aggressive ki blast your health is very low
  • fire ki wave as you advance
  • a ki blast that be charged with more power than a normal kamehameha
  • Consecutive Energy Blast - fire off ki blasts over a wide range in front of you
  • attack with a ki blast that's weaker than a kamahemaha but faster
  • fire off a ki blast straight ahead, use at the same time to back jump as you do it
  • fire a shocwave to launch your enemy to slow motion, link this move to a combo
  • fire a short range, powerful ki blast that can charged to stage 3
  • charge this move by hitting the button repeatedly for ki balsts at maximum power
  • set off an explosion at your enemy's destination, a long-range attack
  • a move that fires off a disc shaped ki blast, though slow in speed it has great homing and cannot be guarded as well
  • a powerful attack where you squeeze an opponent with a ring-shaped ki blast, causes a large amount of damage

Ultimate Attacks - Some Examples

  • Weekend - attack with a doubble ki blast, use as you attack to launch a V shaped ki blast to trigger a giant explosion with a ki blast, hit the enemy to temporarily paralyze them.

  • spew all charged ki from your mouth, the more ki you have, the stronger the attack
  • set off a hug explosion under your enemy, fly into th air to guard against the backdraft
  • one of Vegata's big moves, focus ki in both hands and launch an ultra fierce ki blast
  • Frieza has destroyed whole planets with one of these attacks, a huge ki blast
  • gather ki in your upraised fingers and launch ultra powerful ki blasts


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