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Dragon Nest Academic

Updated on May 16, 2012
Academic Concept Art
Academic Concept Art | Source

Dragon Nest Academic

Academic, often termed as the 'loli,' is the latest basic class (1st job) available in Dragon Nest (along Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, and Cleric). Academics are a heavily balanced character that can function as a DPS, support, and even tank with the help of Alfredo, her mechanical buddy.

Academics are superb PvE-wise and can still do well in PvP. Depending on the build (pure support or DPS), academics can function as almost any previously released class as alchemists can match priests in support while engineers can match DPS classes in the damage output. Because of this, academics are deemed important nevertheless in nests, large group PvP (8v8), and even GvG (16v16).

Dragon Nest Engineer
Dragon Nest Engineer | Source

Academic Subclasses

Academics, upon reaching level 15, can specialize either into two: Engineer and Alchemist.

Dragon Nest Engineer

As its name implies, engineer is the Academic subclass that focus on mechanical summons like Alfredo, MechaDucks, and Mechanical Towers as well as cannons.

This subclass often use cannons for her weapon with her skills mostly physical attack based. As you see, engineers focus more on the offensive, and its kind of support given to the team is like that of other DPS classes (BMs, ELs) with somehow the tanking capability of Paladins (Alfredo) in PvE for a shooting star. Likewise, gear masters provide support like that of a priest's relic skills because of its towers plus the enemy debuff skills given by mecha bomber skills.

Upon reaching level 45, Engineers can further specialize unto:

  • Shooting Star - Focuses more on the Cannons and Alfredo
  • Gear Master - Focuses more on the Towers and MechaDuck

Dragon Nest Alchemist
Dragon Nest Alchemist | Source

Dragon Nest Alchemist

Alchemists, on the other hand, focus on poisons, slimes, phantoms, and even fire and ice.

This subclass usually uses bubble guns for her weapon with her skills mostly magic based. Alchemist play an entirely different gameplay from engineers, as alchemist focus on status attacks (burn, sleep, poison) and other debuffs as well as supportive healing and buff skills. Because of this, alchemists are considered to be the more supportive academic subclass, with supportive capabilities matching that of a priest.

Upon reaching level 45, Alchemists can further specialize unto:

  • Adept - Focuses more on the offensive skills like poison and elemental attacks.
  • Physician - Focuses more on the supportive side like heal and buffs as well as enemy debuff skills.

Check out this video of an academic doing Boss Rush. Lol she's too cute.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi, Just wanna say that Physician has more burst dmg, Adept more Damage per Second, Adept doesn't specialize in poison, only fire and frost. Physician does Poison.

    • Eric Dee profile image

      Eric Dee 

      8 years ago from DasmariƱas, Cavite

      very nice info ..

      by this I wan't to create an engineer it, i like mechanical stuff ^_^

      i`m a newbie on this game can you pls check the build if it is ok to use ?

      dunno if this build is good .. comment back plss


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