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Dragon Nest Crusader

Updated on May 1, 2012

Dragon Nest Crusader

Crusaders, the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of offense(mDMG)-based paladins, are one of the strongest PvP class (mostly 1v1) in Dragon Nest. Crusaders deal higher damage output than Guardians, though the smaller AoE of skills make it a bit behind in mob control compared to other DPS classes. Crusaders however, make up for this by his tanking ability.

Since crusaders excel both in offense and defense, crusaders are a common choice as PvP starters, or those which set up the attacking pace in a huge group PvP (8v8) or GvG (16v16).

Still take note that cross-linking of 2nd class advancements like a shield-crusader and offensive-guardian are still plausible builds. This is possible because of the dual-ultimate system in which the prerequisite of the other ultimate skill is waived when you learn one ultimate.

Holy Relic EX

Judge's Power

Judgement Hammer

Crusader Skills

Crusaders' skills are entirely offensive, meaning they merely tank and attack and can only support allies via heal. What they lack in support however, they make up in attack.

Holy Relic EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Enhance 'Holy Relic' skill to increase the attack range and damage.

50% Additional Damage

Judge's Power

Skill Type: Active

- Increase Magic Attack in relation to strength and Physical Attack in relation to intelligence .

  • 20% Str to Magic Attack
  • 20% Int to Physical Damage
  • Duration 25 secs

Judgement Hammer

Skill Type: Active

- Quickly throws a hammer that will pierce through the enemies and grow in size. As it grows, the hammer will increase in Attack Strength and Super Armor Destruction.

  • Physical Damage 180.6% + 1472
  • Magic Damage 180.6% + 1262

Crusader Pros and Cons

As with the other classes, crusaders definitely have advantages as well as disadvantages. Some of the most important are listed below:


  • Higher DPS than guardians.
  • Justice Power CD is only 30 seconds with a duration of 25 seconds, meaning you're almost always buffed.


  • Crusaders now also focus on pAtk rather than mAtk alone.
  • Less supportive than guardians.

Crusader Builds

Crusaders, though most focus on pumping out its DPS, can still take on a variety of build. The common DPS and Final Damage build is often what you would see, but there are those which go extraordinary by support builds and a pure tank for PvE soloing.

A list of useful guides on crusader builds are as follows: c/o chaose5

Due to an HP policy, I can no longer link more than once to mmosite. Hence, for these guides, simply look for them on mmosite on your own.

  • Trunet's Guardian and Crusader PVE Hybrid Builds
  • Totoro's Crusader PvE/SDN Build

Here's a video of a crusader soloing ArchBishop Nest (Lvl 50). Look at how high his DPS is.


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      Finalfreak 5 years ago

      Any Skill Build for Crusader here ?

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      5 years ago

      that is so fvckin imba!!