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Dragon Nest Guardian

Updated on May 2, 2012

Dragon Nest Guardian

Guardians, the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of shield based paladins, are unarguably the best tanks in the game. Guardians primarily play a defensive type token-gameplay, in which every time the guardian successfully blocks an attack, a 'guardian bubble' (token) is obtained. This guardian bubble enhances the guardian's stats and deals significant damage via the skill 'guardian force.'

Take note that because of the dual-ultimate system, offensive type guardians as well as shield type crusaders are plausible builds.

Guardian Force

Justice Crash

Guardian Skills

Auto Block EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Enhance 'auto block' skill to obtain 'guardian bubble' upon success of any defensive action. Each 'guardian bubble' increases 2% of strength and intelligence. Bubbles disappear after a certain duration if no blocks happened for that duration.

Stackable up to 10

Guardian Force

Skill Type: Active

- Explodes the 'guardian bubble' and inflicts damage on the enemies within a 3m radius. Casts a damage absorbing protection barrier on the allies within 5m radius. Consumes 3 Guardian Bubble.

  • Physical Damage 326% + 906
  • Protective Barrier Durability 13590
  • Protective Barrier Duration 15 seconds
  • Protects 3 allies

Justice Crash

Skill Type: Active

- Soar into the air and rapidly crash down, dealing significant damage to the surrounding enemies and stunning them in the process. This skill can be used by pressing [jump] key mid-air.

Physical Damage 472% + 1906

Guardian Builds

Guardian builds range from a full DPS and Final Damage build to an ultimate tanker build. More often however, you'll find defensive builds as more guardians exploit the toughness of this class. Hybrid builds exist, most of them trying to make up for the guardian's low DPS while still having that tanking capability.

A few noteworthy guides about guardian builds are as follows: c/o chaose5

Due to an HP policy, I cannot link more than once to mmosite. So please simply search it these guides from mmosite itself.

  • [WIP] Tarkel's Full Tank Build
  • Fox's Guardian Solo PvE Build
  • Trunet's Guardian and Crusader PVE Builds
  • Thor's Guardian Build
  • Goat's Guardian PVE Skill Build

Guardian Pros and Cons

Guardians, being more of the tank will naturally have a lower damage output. Besides this, few of the pros and cons of this class are listed below:


  • Higher chance of blocking enemy attacks.
  • Better support than crusaders. (protection shell)
  • Guardian bubble have no duration, compared to crusader's timed buff. If no blocks happen for a certain duration however, the bubbles will disappear.
  • Collecting guardian bubbles then exploding it is definitely a fun experience.


  • Guardian's DPS skills are entirely physical, which deviates from the conventional magical skills of a paladin.
  • Lower damage output than crusaders. (can vary with the equipments though)

Here's a video of a guardian doing Cerberus Nest Solo.


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