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Dragon Nest Inquisitor

Updated on August 25, 2012
Dragon Nest Inquisitor
Dragon Nest Inquisitor | Source

Dragon Nest Inquisitor

Inquisitors, the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of light-based priests, are more of the offensive support class. Inquisitors still have the heal and buff skills expected from a support class though saints definitely can do the job better. What inquisitors boast however are the stronger electrocute skills, with shock transition and lightning bolt EX. Also, inquisitors boast a higher DPS output compared to saints, along with a significant AoE.

Still take note that cross linking of 2nd class advancements can bring a Relic-inquisitor and Light-Saint. This builds are plausible because of the dual ultimate system but yet you may find them rare.


Lightning Bolt EX

Inquisitor Skills

Inquisitor's skills are primarily beefed up for offense. The light skills are significantly enhanced that it brings about an arguably higher DPS than saints. The higher chance of electrocute also implies that inquisitors support the party by debuffing enemies. In comparison with saints, this generalization can be inferred:

  • Saint: Defensive support
  • Inquisitor: Offensive support

Take note however that priests are generally a supportive class and therefore, regardless of your second class advancement you can still provide significant support both PvP and PvEwise.

Shock Transition

Skill Type: Passive

- Electrocute enemies within a set radius and inflicts additional damage by hitting an electrocuted enemy with a light attribute attack.

  • 30% rate
  • Electrocution duration 5 seconds
  • Applicable range 5m
  • Magic Damage 80%


Skill Type: Active

- Soaks the ground of 5m radius with the holy power, damaging the enemies that tread on the earth and lowering their light attribute resistance.

  • Magic Damage 687.6% + 5282
  • Light Magic Resistance -10%

Lightning Bolt EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Enhance 'lightning bolt' skill to increase the range, damage, and chance to electrocute.

50% additional damage

Inquisitor Pros and Cons

Inquisitors, though seemed really good as it is, also possess flaws along with advantages. Some of these as listed below:


  • Stronger and higher chance of electrocute skills.
  • Higher DPS compared to saints.
  • Better AoE of skills
  • Better mob control


  • Lower healing output. (Can make up with equips though)
  • Weaker defensive support skills (relics)

Inquisitor Builds

Even though inquisitors vary in builds along with playing style, they still possess the common supportive denominator. Inquisitor's builds ranges from a pure DPS or Final Damage type to a full support one.

Some helpful guides for an inquisitor build are as follows:

Here's a video of an inquisitor doing ArchBishop Nest (LvL 50) solo.


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