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Dragon Nest Moonlord | Marauder

Updated on October 1, 2012
Swordmaster | Source

Dragon Nest Moonlord

Moonlord, known in other Dragon Nest versions as 'Marauder,' is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Intelligence (mAtk) based sword masters. Being mAtk as their primary damage output, moonlords or marauders are skill-based or primarily uses magic skills for attacking. Unlike gladiators (combo - pAtk based), moonlords play in a more versatile style which often involve short to mid-range combat.

In some cases, which might be rare because of the clear division between gladiators and moonlords, you may find crosslinks of builds like combo-moonlords and skill-type gladiators. This builds are plausible because of the dual-ultimate system. Personally, I've seen a combo moonlord and it's pretty awesome, having a variable gameplay of both combos and magic skills. In the hands of a pro, I believe moonlords are one of the best combo class in the game.

In huge group PvPs (8v8) and GvGs (16v16), swordmasters often play the role of starters along with mercenaries and paladins or for backstabbing/harass (to flinch DPS classes) because of their naturally high paralyze stat and super armor break. Alternatively, swordmasters can also function as a DPS.

Moonblade Dance

Flash Stance

Moonlight Splitter EX

Moonlord | Marauder Skills

Moonlord's skills are range-based, enabling them to deal significant damage at long range. It's very useful in Nests and PvE, and very irritating for the enemy at PvP.

However, it is a big mistake to think that magic skills are only for hit-and-run. These skills can be inserted in a combo, and with the right mix-and-match technique you can chain these skills along with some gladiator skills to whack up your enemy.

Moon Blade Dance

Skill Type: Active

- Jump and deal quick 5 diagonal slashes in the air. Usable in the air.

115.6% + 166 Magic Damage per slash

Cool skill, useful as a comeback when getting ganked up.

Flash Stance

Skill Type: Active

- Draw the sword quickly to launch long range attack by left-clicking.

56% + 602 Magic Damage per slash. Right click to cast a heavy damage final blow and cancel the stance.

  • Duration 5 seconds

Useful in PvE and PvP in some cases, like group battles and captain mode. For small battles I recommend you to be always on the move.

Moonlight Splitter EX

Skill Type: Passive

- Enhanced version of moonlight splitter, deals additional AoE damage.

Additional Damage of 30%

Definitely a must, remember that this skill can hit and flinch downed enemies, and so it can be used to chain combos as well as to annoy them.

Moonlord | Marauder Pros and Cons

Moonlord's main stat are mAtk and Crit, making them very effective in PvE. As with all other classes however, there are advantages as well as flaws in becoming a moonlord, with some enumerated below:


  • Higher AoE damage output compared to gladiators.
  • Longer range of skills, allows versatility in different situations.
  • Excellent mob control.
  • Higher DPS on large monsters (nest bosses) compared to gladiators.


  • Moonlords are an int-based class, but warriors have low natural int growth per level.
  • More expensive equipments (depends on the server anyway).
  • Upgrading weapons will yield higher pAtk than mAtk, therefore you need higher upgrades to boost your magic damage.

Moonlord | Marauder Builds

Moonlords are often thought of as the more PvE oriented swordmaster class, due to the AoE of their skills. Nevertheless, there are still some builds that focus more on the PvP side. Personally I find the hybrid one the best, though you might find it hard to boost both the pAtk and mAtk at the same time.

Here's a list of some useful moonlord builds to guide you:

Due to the HP policy of us not being able to link more than once to a single domain, please simply head over to the Dragon Nest Forums on mmosite.

  • Kasdeya Moonlord Skill Build v1.1
  • 50-Tiger's Moonlord Guide
  • Kyrono's PvE Moonlord Guide
  • Almighty's Moonlord Guide
  • Carther and Asena Hybrid Moonlord Build

Why Go For A Moonlord / Marauder?

If you're up for a good medium range action that involves a lot of sword slashes charging in the air, then better go for a moonlord / marauder.

A video of a moonlord soloing Manticore Nest boss at hell mode.


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