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Dragon Nest Tempest

Updated on April 2, 2012
Dragon Nest Tempest
Dragon Nest Tempest | Source

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Dragon Nest Tempest

Tempest, the 2nd-class advancement (3rd job) of acrobats, is considered as one of the best 1v1 class in the game. Though both class advancements of acrobats excel in 1v1 and combos, tempests are highly specialized, having a silencing skill that ignores invincibility buffs like blocks and parries as well as a passive evasion skill that allows them to hit targets with a skill after evading.

As a general inference, tempests focus on 1v1 DPS while windwalkers are for versatility and chain comboing (showtime).That is why tempests are regarded as the one having a greater DPS among the two. In reality however, acro by itself is a good DPS class, so there's not really much difference among the 3rd jobs other than the skills. In the end it all ends up as a matter of preference. The difference between the two class advancements are listed below:

  • Windwalker - Additional launchers + reduced cooldown of passive kicks (longer combo) as well as improved AoE of skills.
  • Tempest - Significantly improved damage output (higher DPS), especially 1v1

Take note that because of the dual-ultimate system, you can always choose any of the 2nd-class advancement regardless of the ultimate skill you picked.


Kick and Shot EX

Hurricane Dance

Tempest Skills

Tempests' skills are very effective for solo PvPs and bosses, so its great whether in PvP or nests.


Skill Type: Passive

- Gives you a 20% chance of dodging enemy attacks, after dodging, some skills can be used. (Spirit Flame, Spinning Top and Spiral kick)

Kick and Shot EX

Skill type: Passive

- Improved version of 'Kick and Shot.' Grants improved superarmor, moving distance and aoe. 5 arrows can be shot instead of 3.

Additional 70% damage.

Hurricane Dance

Skill type: Active

- Powerful kicking combo. Can't be cast without a target. Silence the target. Ignores target invincibility buffs and blocks. Invincible while casting

Physical Damage 792%+2338

Tempest Pros and Cons

And like with any other class, tempests also have disadvantages to back their strong points. Some of the important ones are listed as follows:


  • High DPS
  • Excellent for 1v1 and ladder
  • The only class aside from mercs that can silence enemies.


  • Effectiveness is meant only for single targets
  • Fragile (can make up with evasion and jump skills though)

Tempest Builds

Tempests can also range their builds from a supportive one (HP + Soul Boost) to a pure DPS or Final Damage type build. A list of some noteworthy tempest builds are as follows:

Check out this tempest soloing Apocalypse Nest at Hell mode. Acros sure are awesome.


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    • profile image

      Rayen 4 years ago

      kk aku acrobat ni

      mending milih wind walker atw tempest ?


      knapa org lebih banyak ngambil windwalker ?

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      Dirt 4 years ago


    • dragon-nest profile image

      dragon-nest 5 years ago from Lagendia

      @homesteadbound - look, that guy joined in Apr 1 yet he already have 201 articles. He even copied the video and ebay capsule titles, even the links!

      Thanks homesteadbound, I'll see what I can do about it. ;)

    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 5 years ago from Texas