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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Fortress of Remembrance

Updated on May 16, 2013

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Defeat the Minotaur at the Fortress of Remembrance

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen beware the minotaur's charge. Clear the middle level at the tower of wargs before luring the minotaur to that area.
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen beware the minotaur's charge. Clear the middle level at the tower of wargs before luring the minotaur to that area.

In Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, the hero and party must enter the Fortress of Remembrance from the Corridor of Emptiness. The Corridor of Emptiness is accessed after defeating the beholder like beast.The Fortress of Remembrance is fraught with dangers and new beast monsters with many tactics. This will guide the hero with tactics on how to defeat the monsters, including the minotaur and the banshee. The aim is to get to three doors within the Fortress of Remembrance and go on to the next level.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Defeat the Banshee Near the Fortress

From the corridor, enter the Fortress of Remembrance. Here the first set of monsters that the hero and party will encounter are the undeads. The "lead undead" is the infamous Reaper of Souls. Can the Reaper of Souls be defeated? The hero is not sure. The way to deal with the Reaper is to allow two of the pawns to be sacrificed. To save some rift crystals, one should sacrifice the main pawn and then another lower level pawn. Then head back to the corridor of emptiness and repair the rift stone. Recall the pawns and then go back to the Fortress of Remembrance and finish off the other undeads.

Now descend the stairs and encounter some miserable cannon-folder corpses and then the banshee.The banshee screeches and shrieks a lot. Avoid the shrieks and and it is an easy fight to tackle. As the mage hero, allow your fighter pawns to stride forward as tanks and then imbue their weapons with holy magic. Then, from the back, cast High Comestion and the banshee will be defeated.

Proceed onwards.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Explore the Fortress of Remembrance

The way onward in the Fortress of Remembrance will be to climb a long ladder. This will lead the party to a curved corridor where there will be two skeletal brutes. It is possible to take on one skeletal brute one at a time by moving the hero forward carefully and commanding the pawns to follow behind. This way, only one of the brutes will attack one at a time. There are some barrels of explosives at the start of the corridor. Lure the first brute back there and high comestion near the explosives. The brute will be blown down the abyss. Then attack the remaining brute the usual way and finish it.

Now head across to the end of the curved corridor and run across the bridge. Defeat the succubi flying around and run to the other platform. Read the plaque on the platform, and it will be added to the stone of remembrance at the entrance of Bitterblack Isle. When the hero next heads back to read the stone, he will gain experience points. Now, descend the stairs at the platform. The platform is actually at the top of a small tower that leads to the bottom and the exit from the Fortress of Remembrance.

It's time to meet the Minotaur.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Defeat the Minotaur

The Minotaur is walking near the bottom of the stairs and around a corner. It will surprise the hero and party. To prevent this, peer around each corner before moving on. Then run in and run out so the minotaur will see the hero and then chase after him. Bring the minotaur to the middle level of the tower.

Before engaging the minotaur, clear the middle level of wargs. Then lure the minotaur to this area. This area has a bridge. The minotaur will chase after the party, but will keep returning to the tower once the hero steers clear of the minotaur at the bridge. So lure the minotaur to the bridge, then as the minotaur is returning and its back is turned, lace the minotaur with high comestion. The minotaur will charge back. Avoid it again and repeat the sequence.The minotaur can be defeated, but beware its charge. One charge from the minotaur will end the hero and the party. Avoid its axe swing as well.

One other way to defeat the minotaur is to get him positioned near the edge of the cliff and then knock him over with melee attacks or spells.

There will be three doors in the Fortress of Remembrance. Door one will lead to a fiery place. Door two will lead to an arena of combat with a cockatrice. The third door can only be opened with a void key.


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