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Dragon's Dogma Defeat Cyclops and Goblin Chieftain at Shadow Fort

Updated on June 10, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Cyclops

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Cyclops - note the cyclops' helmet on the ground
Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Cyclops - note the cyclops' helmet on the ground

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Cyclops at the Shadow Fort

In Dragon's Dogma, there are three cyclops at the shadow fort. One of the cyclops is positioned just beyond the stone arch and outside the room where the exit from the hole is. The hero must defeat the first cyclops. There is a small compound just outside the room and where the ladder going to the higher battlegrounds is located. The hero and party should stay within this small compound and defeat the cyclops here. The key is to get the cyclops to fall, and then repeatedly inflict heavy damage on the cyclops. If the hero is a mage, then the party should have two fighters and a ranged warrior. Use the two fighters to swarm and distract the cyclops. The mage hero should run to one corner of the compound and use Comestion repeatedly on the cyclops. This will prevent the mage from being damaged as most of the damage will be concentrated on the two fighters. At the same time, the cyclops will be damaged to the extent that he will fall. When this happens, use heavy damage melee moves and spells on the cyclops until he is defeated. Note that staying in the compound will also allow the hero to use the walls of the compound to prevent the fireballs from hitting the hero. One hit from the fireball and one hit from the cyclops will be enough to reduce the hero's health to zero.

The second cyclops will be found guarding the gate leading inside the room where the lever can be found. The hero must lure the second cyclops to the same small compound where the first cyclops was defeated. Note that it is obviously easier to defeat the second cyclops only after the first cyclops is defeated. The hero should use his pawns to lure the cyclops and then use the "Come with me" command to rally his pawns to his side and then make a run for the small compound. Once the second cyclops and the party are within the small compound, use the same tactics above to defeat the second cyclops. The second cyclops will have a helmet which needs to be dislodged before real good damage can be inflicted on the cyclops. Defeat the second cyclops and head for the chamber with the lever.

The third cyclops is found within lots of goblins beyond the final gate of the shadow fort. There are two ways to get past the third cyclops. If the hero is running out of patience and just wants to reach the goblin chieftain, make a run past the cyclops for the bridge. Once the hero reaches the second set of stairs, the cyclops will not chase after the hero. There are some hobgoblins within the second set of stairs though. The other way to get past the third cyclops is to defeat it. Do not stray into the open and fight against the third cyclops as the hero and party will be surrounded by the third cyclops and the goblins. Instead, stay just within the exit of the first set of stairs and use the High Comestion spell and the spell targeting system to ignite the cyclops and goblins. The High Comestion spell can only be purchased by the mage after he reaches level 22 and above. Defeat this third cyclops and move on.

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Goblin Chieftain

The goblin chieftain will be found in the commander antechamber. To defeat the goblin chieftain as the mage hero, it is necessary to have the two fighters engage the goblin chieftain in melee combat. This will prevent the goblin chieftain from reaching the hero and causing substantial melee damage against him. From the back of the battle, use Comestion and High Ingle to burn the goblin chieftain repeatedly until his health is reduced to a low amount. And then watch the cutscene as the goblin chieftain escapes.

Head back to Ser Robert and report that the goblins have been driven from the shadow fort.


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