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Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Griffin At Bluemoon Tower Roof

Updated on June 17, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Griffin At Bluemoon Tower Roof

In Dragon's Dogma, the hunt for the griffin draws to a close, as the hero and party march up the Bluemoon Tower roof for a showdown with the griffin. But things are never that straight forward. The hero and party must defeat lots of undead in treacherous surroundings and then the hunter becomes the hunted, as the griffin desperately hunts down the hero in a bid to defeat the hero and the "elite" hunting party before the inevitable showdown at the top of the roof. This will guide the hero in defeating the undead forces on the way up to the roof and then overcoming the obstacles and dodging the griffin before finally annihilating the griffin in a winners take all battle.

Dragon's Dogma Tactics to Use Against the Undead in Bluemoon Tower

The hero and the party must climb a series of treacherous stairs to reach the top of the Bluemoon Tower. These stairs are not bordered on one side, meaning the hero can fall to his demise at the bottom, or the hero will succumb to the mysterious fog like being known as the Brine. Meanwhile, the undead will rise to attack the heroes, using skeleton warriors as the vanguard melee forces, and complementing these with annoying skeletal mages who unleash balls of fire from the ranks at the back.

The tactics to use against the undead in the Bluemoon Tower - do not advance too fast up the stairs. Instead, position the mage hero at the back of the party and use fire spells against the skeletons, preferably against the skeletal mages. The correct fire spells will send the skeletal mages flying into the air and down the side of the stairs into the bottom.

Dragon's Dogma the Gates of Bluemoon Tower

Dragon's Dogma Get Past the Gates of Bluemoon Tower
Dragon's Dogma Get Past the Gates of Bluemoon Tower

Dragon's Dogma Get Pass the Gates and the Griffin in the Bluemoon Tower

Next, the hero and party face three sets of gates, with the griffin in hot pursuit at the back of the hero and party. The first set of gate requires the hero and party to hack through the gate. This is easy. The next set of gate requires much more time to hack through, and the griffin can cause some serious damage at this point. To allow the party time to break the lock and escape the wrath of the griffin, the hero should "volunteer" to head right and go through a series of stairs and bypass the gate. At the other end of the gate, the hero can activate a lever to open the gate. Use a series of run and jump to escape the griffin's attacks from the back. Finally the hero arrives at the third gate. This gate is really opened by causing the griffin to crash through the walls of the gate, so attack the griffin relentlessly until this happens.

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Griffin At Bluemoon Tower Roof

A dark end to the Griffin at Bluemoon Tower as it meets its demise at the hands of the hero
A dark end to the Griffin at Bluemoon Tower as it meets its demise at the hands of the hero

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Griffin

And at long last, the hero and party arrive at the bluemoon tower rooftop. It's time to end the griffin. As the mage hero, this routine is pretty standard at this point. First bring the griffin down to the ground with fire spells and arrow attacks. Use the elite hunting party and the hero's party to surround the griffon when this happens. Always make sure there is someone standing in the way between the griffin and the hero; otherwise it's all for naught after going through all this trouble to defeat the griffin.

This is a long fight and so the hero must be patient. Run from one end of the battlefield to the next, always using the party and the walls of the battlefield to protect the hero from the griffin's attacks. Use High Comestion repeatedly to create the wall of fire to burn the griffin, particularly on the ground. At some point, the griffin will be unable to lift itself onto the air, and the battle is almost at its end. There are healing and stamina potions around the battlefield, so run around to get them when the hero gets damaged. With stamina and health restored, launch more spells at the griffin and watch as the griffin succumbs to the combined attacks of the party and the hero.

Once the griffin is defeated, there is a horde of treasure for the hero to collect. This includes the port crystal. Remember the ferrystone which one can purchase from Gran Soren. Set the port crystal here, and transport back to Gran Soren and back again to sort out the hero's treasure hordes and makes sure the Bluemoon Tower is wiped clean of gold and high level treasure.

Finally bypass the long trek back to Gran Soren by teleporting back to Gran Soren one more time and reporting to Aldous. When ready, the hero will embark on the next quest.


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