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Dragon's Dogma Seeking Salvation Quest

Updated on June 13, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Seeking Salvation Quest

Dragon's Dogma Find the Catacombs in the Seeking Salvation Quest
Dragon's Dogma Find the Catacombs in the Seeking Salvation Quest

Dragon's Dogma Seeking Salvation Quest

In Dragon's Dogma, the seeking salvation quest is part of the wyrm hunt quest. The seeking salvation quest requires the hero to seek out the Salvation cult somewhere in Gransys and root out the evil mastermind that worship the dragon. This will guide the hero in speaking to the citizens in Gran Soren to learn what one can about Salvation, and then travel to and explore the Catacombs to seek out the Salvation cult and the Elysion.

Dragon's Dogma Speak to People to Learn About the Salvation Cult

The hero must speak to various people in Gran Soren to learn about the salvation cult. Mark the salvation quest as the priority quest. Next go to the Union Inn and speak to the person with the red question mark above the head. After speaking, go to the map and follow the quest waypoint to speak to the next person. Eventually, the hero will have to look for Mason in the slums. Speak to Mason and receive his badge. With Mason's badge, the salvation cultists in Gran Soren will be more willing to speak to the hero. Proceed to Arsmith's alehouse (at the Fountain Square) and speak to Amity and then Baden. Next look for the guard somewhere on the map with loyalties to Salvation. The key here is to learn that the catacombs is the place where the salvation cultists will meet. Head for the catacombs and find the leader of the Salvation Cult.

Dragon's Dogma Catacombs Walkthrough

The hero and party must find the catacombs. First head out of the north gate of Gran Soren and head past the bridge north of the gate. Aim for the catacombs which will be somewhere to the northwest of the bridge. Enter the catacombs.

Within the catacombs, the hero will encounter lots of corpses and undead. Go south past the first gate and past these undead until a door is reached. Use the lever to open the door. Beyond the door lies more walking undead..... and undead things that blow up when they finally die. Defeat them and keep going. Reach another lever near a gate and go down the lift when the lever is activated. Go past the lift and go deeper to reach a door gate that cannot open. Instead turn left and go into a chamber with phantoms and undead. Find an alcove with a lever in it. Pull it and unlock the wall in the chamber to unlock another passageway. Go into another chamber with skeletal mages. Defeat them and head north and west out of the chamber into the catacombs second underground level.

In the catacombs second underground level, there are more skeletal warriors and undead. Search for the hole in the wall somewhere here. Go down the ladder past this hole. There are two paths. One of the paths will lead to an ogre. This usually indicates that this is the right path for the main quest. Use various tactics to defeat the ogre and head into a large stone chamber. Look at the map and head for the large red circle on the map. At this stage, the hero should start hearing the voice of the Elysion. The hero should reach a slope and some stairs and the voice will subtlely grow louder. Climb up a series of ledges and come to a gate. Go beyond this and enter the gathering hall. Within the gathering hall are more undead. Defeat them and learn that the elysion has been expecting the hero. Pursue the Elysion and meet with Mason, who speaks and tells the hero to deal with the leader of the Salvation cult. The hero can either spare the life of the leader of the Salvation cult, or do otherwise.

Either way, the hero should continue by going through a narrow cavern passageway to arrive at a ladder. Mount the ladder and head to the top. This will allow the hero to come out of the catacombs rear passage. This rear passage brings the hero near Gran Soren and provides a short cut to Gran Soren.

Return to Ser Maximilian and report that the Salvation quest has been completed.


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