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Dragon's Dogma Wyrmking's Ring Quest

Updated on June 19, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Wyrmking's Ring Quest

In Dragon's Dogma the wyrmking's ring quest is one of the royal orders quest available from Aldous, and should be undertaken last as it is the toughest of the quests. The wyrmking's ring has been stolen, and the Arisen has been tasked to find the thief. This will guide the Arisen to find the thief Salomet, track him down to the ancient quarry and then fight his way to find Salomet again at the Bluemoon Tower and finally defeat Salomet at the Bluemoon Tower Summit.

Dragon's Dogma Speak to People in Gran Soren Castle

Again, the Arisen must speak to people in Gran Soren Castle and surroundings to find the thief who took off with the Wyrmking's ring. Set the wyrmking ring as the main quest and use the map to find the first person to speak to. That person is Pering. The next person to speak to is Ser Gyles at the observation tower. When the hero speaks to Ambrose, the name Salomet is mentioned as the likely culprit or thief of the Wyrmking's ring. Speak to Aldous again and learn of the council of magick scholars who were slaughtered by the power crazy Salomet. Speak to Mellard at Gran Soren cathedral and learn that Salomet may be at the ancient quarry. Enter the ancient quarry northern entrance to find Salomet somewhere near that entrance. Defeat Salomet's bandits easily . Salomet will activate the Wyrmking's ring and teleport to the Bluemoon Tower. Return to Gran Soren and speak to another person to learn of Salomet's location at the Bluemoon Tower.

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Bandit Archers

Either run to the top of the stairway or defeat the bandit archers to proceed
Either run to the top of the stairway or defeat the bandit archers to proceed

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Archer Bandits in Bluemoon Tower Stairs

The Arisen must head to the Bluemoon Tower again. Once outside the entrance into the Bluemoon Tower, the Arisen must gather the right pawns using the rift stone to defeat the archer bandits along the treacherous stairways to the Bluemoon Tower summit. This will focus on the Arisen as the mage hero using fighter pawns to ascend the Bluemoon Tower. The Arisen may have to gather pawns of higher levels than he is to successfully defeat the archer bandits. A wrong selection of pawn classes or levels may result in a frustrating and unsuccessful ascend to the top of Bluemoon Tower.

The archers stationed at the Bluemoon Tower stairways will continuously shoot endless streams of arrows at the Arisen. If the Arisen is hit, then he could be taken down very fast indeed. The key here is to direct the fighter pawns up the stairs taking on the archers one section at a time. The mage Arisen will then station himself at the rear of the party and launch High Comestion and High Ingle attacks on the archers. Use walls, boulders and pillars to prevent arrows from reaching the hero. Save often, as it may take several attempts to reach the top of the stairway.

The alternative will be to have lots of stamina restoring loot and then make a run up the stairs in a zigzag fashion. When health is low, heal up. When stamina is low, restore stamina and run up to the top of the stairs. The disadvantage of this approach is that the pawns may be defeated on-route to the top of the stairways and the hero needs all three fighter pawns to defeat Salomet the sorcerer.

Dragon's Dogma Defeat Salomet

Dragon's Dogma Defeat Salomet - Salomet is on the right and the death knight is on the left
Dragon's Dogma Defeat Salomet - Salomet is on the right and the death knight is on the left

Dragon's Dogma Defeat Salomet at Bluemoon Tower Summit

The bandit archers are the toughest of the enemies on the way to reaching Salomet. Once they are defeated or evaded, the hero simply has to navigate some more bandits or go through a longer way (with no bandits) and reach the Bluemoon Tower Summit.

Salomet awaits at the Bluemoon Tower Summit. Salomet is an absolute nightmare to defeat. He possess the Wyrmking's ring and lots of powerful spells, attacks and summoning rituals -

  • his wall of fire attack must be avoided at all costs, because it renders the hero helpless by throwing him up into the air, and then burns the hero for damage and then continously burns the hero for some time after the spell.
  • he can summon skeletons initially, followed by a skeleton lord and a death knight type monster.
  • Salomet can teleport anywhere within the battlefield, especially if fighters are swarming onto this position to attack him.
  • Salomet will begin to cast Rockfall and Earthquake when his health is low. This will create damage for the hero and it is hard to escape the field of damage to safety. If the hero is caught in the field of damage, use health potions (harspud potions) to heal up until the hero's health is full or near normal and then try to run out.

To counter Salomet and defeat him, the following tactics are used -

  • Command the three fighter pawns to surround and attack Salomet, particularly forcing him into corners. This will allow his health to go down easily.
  • Do not concentrate attacks on his minions; always concentrate attacks on Salomet himself. This is especially so if the death knight skeleton appears. Defeating the death knight skeleton will cause Salomet to summon one more death knight skeleton.
  • The mage hero should have the augments Apotropaism (reduce magickal damage) and Attunement (augment the hero's magick).
  • Keep hitting Salomet with spell attacks and allow the pawns to melee attack him.

This is one of the most explosive and dynamic battles in Dragon's Dogma so far. Enjoy this battle, and use the above tactics and Salomet will be defeated. Pick up the Wyrmking's ring and return to Gran Soren using the ferrystone to report to Aldous.


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