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Dungeon Siege 3 Defeating Lord Gunderic

Updated on June 18, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Defeating Lord Gunderic

In Dungeon Siege 3, Lord Gunderic is one of the early bosses at the end of the Gunderic Manor quest. Early bosses are often hard, as the hero is still relatively low level, and there is a gulf between the boss monster and the early level character. Some tips and tactics are provided in the dungeon siege 3 game in defeating Lord Gunderic.

Lord Gunderic is a ghostly knight who wields a large looking and damage intensive sword. To defeat Lord Gunderic, one must know the various maneuvers utilized by Lord Gunderic. He can do a dash attack that will knock down the hero and do lots of damage. He can also do a close range area attack.

To defeat Lord Gunderic using Anjali in fire form, always position her away from Lord Gunderic, and hopefully use something in between to hinder his dash attack. Keep firing bolts of fire at Lord Gunderic, and also keep moving around the small chamber. The difficulty is in avoiding the minions as one is moving around the chamber. Use the fire jackal and the warrior tank Lucas Montbarron as the obstacles between Lord Gunderic and Anjali. Perseverance will eventually pay off and Lord Gunderic will be defeated.

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Dungeon Siege 3 Rewards for Defeating Lord Gunderic

In dungeon siege 3, defeating Lord Gunderic will unlock the next stage of the quest, which is to return to Odo at the Legion Chapterhouse to report the events that had transpired at the Gunderic Manor and the Rill's Raven village. Remember to loot the chamber of the fight between the hero and Lord Gunderic to obtain rewards for defeating Lord Gunderic. Also Leona, witch sister of Katarina and Lescanzi witch, will appear to thank the hero for the efforts in defeating Lord Gunderic. The hero also has a choice to concede the Gunderic Manor to the Lescanzi witch, thus obtaining Lescanzi alliance deed and obtaining a + 3 to Will.

In dungeon siege 3, the other boss is the Mire Hulk Horror, surrounded by various ghost mages. This fight is needed to obtain the stone to open the chamber containing Lord Gunderic. This fight between the hero and the Mire Hulk Horror may be even more difficult than defeating Lord Gunderic. To win this fight, one must dodge the mage attacks from the ghost mages, and take them out first. Then concentrate on the Mire Hulk Horror.

Dungeon Siege 3 Defeating Lord Gunderic


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