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Making Gold in Guild Wars 2

Updated on November 29, 2012


There are plenty of ways you can increase your gold in Guild Wars 2 without botting, cheating or paying real money for it. What this article is going to go over is how you can legitimately make more gold in Guild Wars 2 without being frowned upon by Arena Net or your fellow players. There are tons of tips, tricks and even farming spots that can yield more gold than you think is possible. A lot of tips and advice I will give in this advice do call for an investment of time or gold and may initially seem like they have too small of a return for you to even bother with, but once you can learn the markets in Guild Wars 2, how they work and what types of items sell (or don't sell!) you will discover it's quite easy to start earning gold in Guild Wars 2. As long as you read, understand and execute these different methods of making gold in Guild Wars 2, I'm confident you'll find yourself with more gold!

A few things I will cover in this article:

  • Using the trading post to "buy low and sell high"
  • Creating small profits with bags
  • How to craft your way to a profit
  • Popular farming spots and how to handle them

The Guild Wars 2 Trading Post

Learn How to Use it and You Shall Be Rewarded!

One of the absolute easiest ways of earning gold in Guild Wars 2 is through the Trading Post. Hands down this is where you can make a truck load of money buying low and selling high. What I truly love about the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post is that it has two VERY important OPTIONS for you when it comes to buying and selling -- you can either buy/sell at that very moment to the highest bidder or, you can wait. This is absolutely the easiest way to maximize your gold earning in Guild Wars 2. Simply by matching the lowest seller instead of selling immediately to the highest buyer, you can earn more gold. Unless you absolutely need the gold (silver, or copper) at that particular moment in time, I highly urge sellers to simply meet the lowest seller. This simple, basic tactic will yield more gold -- you'll be surprised how many people don't use this seemly common sense practice!

Buying low and selling high is a great way to earn gold as well. I recommend using Guild Wars 2 Spidy and Trading Post Calculator to find items that have a decent margin between them. For example, some lesser popular items may not have a lot of buy orders for them, so you can scoop them up for 1-2s a piece and relist them for 10s-20s a piece. You will be surprised once you start looking and how many items have these gaps in the prices and you can simply buy low and sell high (that's the name of the game here!). I strongly recommend taking a look at the crafting materials section of the trading post to maximize your profit margins as there are many crafting items that have low custom order prices and a 50% or more increase to their lowest selling price. Even if this margin is 10 copper, if you manage to buy and sell 10, that's the easiest 1 silver you'll ever make for simply placing a custom order and then matching the lowest seller once you receive the items. It beats killing mobs over and over and having a slight chance of getting drops and even a lesser chance of getting copper.

My strongest recommendation for buying low and selling high when it comes to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post is to check the crafting material section of the trading post. A lot of crafting materials, both low level and high level, have large margins between their custom orders and their lowest seller prices which makes it really easy to buy low and sell high.

Earning Gold from Bags

Click Your Little Heart Away

Bags aren't the BEST way to earn gold with the Guild Wars 2 trading post mainly because a lot of people have figured out about them; however, bags prices are CONSTANTLY up and down which makes it a good longer-term investment that you can walk away with a few good silver per stack of bags. What some people don't realize is that you can sell the mats for more than the bags are worth, so you can easily place a buy order for bags for 25 copper and get 45 copper worth of stuff out of the bag. Keep in mind that each bag also rewards 3-5 copper, so that helps out your margin right off the bat. If you're unsure about this method, the best part is that it's CHEAP to get into. You can easily place a buy order for 250 bags and spend under 15 silver for the entire stack. If you want to "test the market" for a particular bag type, I would recommend placing a buy order for 25 bags and see if you earn more from the materials you get out of the 25 bags. When I do this, I don't take into consideration the copper you get from the bags, it's just 'extra cushion' for me. If the materials don't warrant a profit, you should NOT have to depend on the 3-5 copper per bag in order to make one and is too risky, especially if you're buying a stack (250) bags.

A lot of the mid-level crafting items sell well, so I would do a little research into what bags have what level items in them and see what bags you can make a profit on. I recommend doing a little rearch on The Guild Wars 2 Wiki in order to look up what the contents of a particular bag may be before investing in it. If you're going to simply get 16 - 20 copper worth of stuff out of a bag you are paying 25 copper for, it's simply at a loss and a bad investment. Unfortunately, with the number of players that have discovered the bag method of earning profits, bags are almost to the point where there's too much demand for them to be profitable, so make sure you pick and choose your bag investments carefully.

Craft Your Way to Millions

... Maybe Not Millions, But Hundreds for Sure!

The way crafting works in Guild Wars 2 is very straight forward and can actually earn you a good bit of gold if you use it correctly. What people don't realize is that your crafted blues and greens aren't what make you big money, but rather the items that go INTO making those blues and greens. For example, if you're an armorsmith, it takes three components to make one piece of gear, usually a lining/padding, casing and an insignia. These linings, paddings, casings, insignias and all the other crafting components, wood handles, leather straps, bow strings, etc, can be sold for more gold on the trading post than the actual items you make with those components -- you will be blown away by how many people actually buy these components. The best way to determine what your specific crafting can do to make money, try this:

Let's say you're a weaponsmith and have a lot of mithril for this particular instance

  • Decide on a particular material, preferably one you have a large amount of or which is selling low (in this case, we're saying mithril)
  • Open the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post
  • Do a search on the Trading Post for "Mithril" and select "Crafting Components" on the drop down
  • Now search and sort it by MOST EXPENSIVE to LEAST EXPENSIVE
  • Now simply find the most expensive item you can craft with your specialty (you're going to see what's craftable with ALL crafting disciplines, but it's up to you to know what you can and can't craft)
  • Now craft about 10 (or so) of that item and sell them! You just turned about 6 silver worth of ingots into 22 silver -- congratulations! Rinse and repeat!

Keep in mind this does fluctuate though, like everything else on the trading post. What might be selling for 3 silver at this particular moment could be down to 1 silver 20 copper come tomorrow. This is why I recommend you don't dump all your materials into creating the most expensive material. Say you have enough for 30 mithril greatsword blades and they're currently selling for 3 silver 50 copper. I would not recommend crafting 30 mithril greatsword blades! Instead, craft about 10 - 15 and then create 10 - 15 of the next most expensive component and so on and so forth. The reason I recommend not "putting your all eggs into one basket" is because someone could do the same exact thing you just did, but then undercut you by a copper. If that happens, your components won't sell until the cheaper ones sell first. Keep this important tip in mind when crafting and it should help you out big time.

Farming Specific Guild Wars 2 Items

For Your Downtime After the Trading Post!

Farming is a more time consuming method of earning gold in Guild Wars 2, but it has multiple benefits. There are two ways you can farm that I can really recommend, per say. One is the old fashioned "grind grind grind" on mobs until you get the loot you were looking for and the other is event farming. Both are good ways to earn gold and I'll touch on how you can do that.

Grind, Grind, GRIND!

This method is the most tedious for those of us that enjoy actually playing the game instead of waiting for mobs to respawn and killing them over and over and over... and over. However, if you are strung out on gold, this may be one of the best methods for you to quickly earn some gold. One way of farming that I recommend are the charged lodestones. You can quickly read about that on Almars Guides. It's a quick, efficient way to earn some extra gold. Not only do you hopefully get gold from successful farming (around 2.5 gold per lodestone), but you also get other rares, uncommons, commons, vendor trash AND nearby crafting nodes. If you have the free time, I recommend delving into a little farming if you can, I recommend you eat some magic find food and when that expires, I would call it. If you spend too much time farming, there's a million theories about how your drops will get worse and worse; however I can't confirm that.

Event Farming

One of my favorite things to do is event farming. Not only do you get experience and karma, but you get a couple silver, too! I recommend Plinx Farming as it's a quick, efficient chain of events that nets good karma, experience, silver and DROPS from mobs. This chain can also be done while you're around level 76 or so for efficient leveling while still reaping the full benefits that everyone else is getting, although you could be lacking some magic find gear until level 80. I recommend doing Plinx in a group (pugs are fine) since the more your team tags, the better you stand at getting drops. There's been too many times I've gone all out on a veteran mob and don't even get experience for it since my net damage is so much lower than the seven groups of five that are pounding on it. No experience from a mob equals no loot from a mob and that's bad! Also, always pop your boosters here when you can, including experience boosters. I believe a lot of people overlook the experience boosters at 80, but I have something for you to consider. If you pop a booster, you earn more experience (duh!) and hence more skill points, but a lot of people don't consider using the eldrich scrolls (bought with 50 skill points) to create weapons to sell. Even if you create a Mystic Weapon of some kind, you'll be walking away with an easy 5 gold just for farming your events -- not to mention enough karma for a whole gear set. On top of this, you can still hit crafting nodes (lumber, ore and plants) to earn even MORE GOLD. If you know where the top tier nodes are spawning (Orr Maps) you can easily farm some of these to craft more items for sale.

11/23/12 EDIT: Plix event chain has been nerfed recently. The time between the spawn of events has been increased, thereby decreasing the amount you can farm from the event. If you happen to be around when the event starts, I would still recommend doing it; otherwise, I would head down to Penitent Waypoint and Shelter's Gate Waypoint for a few events that occur down there.

Although farming can be quite boring and seem like you're wasting a lot of time, it's a pretty efficient way to earn gold in the game. It surely beats simply node farming which can be risky running around the map and dying multiple times (it costs gold to "respawn"). Do you have a good farming spot? Be sure to share it so everyone can get in on it!

Purchase Guild Wars 2 Related Items - A Good Place to Spend a Coin or Two

If you benefited from this article, please help me benefit as well. Any purchases made below I will get a small percentage of and I would be very grateful for. I've worked very hard on this article and to bring everyone quality knowledge, please don't let my hard work go wasted!

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    • OddballsAutoTools profile image


      6 years ago

      @Stickypony LM: Absolutely! The good old trading post is one of the easiest ways to go about making gold. Simply buying low (buy orders) and selling high (match lowest seller) can have an amazing return!

    • OddballsAutoTools profile image


      6 years ago

      @ImmatureEntrepr: Thank you, I worked really hard getting this information together! Keep an eye out for future articles I will be releasing!

    • Stickypony LM profile image

      Stickypony LM 

      6 years ago

      I use the trading post, lots of gold to be made selling and buying :)

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      6 years ago

      Good lens! Thanks for sharing this.


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