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How to Make Easy Gold in World of Warcraft

Updated on July 18, 2014

The Best World of Warcraft Gold Guide - Free!

What do you think when you read the words "Free World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide" - a sham, right? Well, you are actually in luck. I told myself that I needed to write a hub today, so I figured I would write about something that interests me, and that just happened to be making gold in World of Warcraft/ That's right folks! This guide will cost you absolutely nothing! I'm not going to solicit money or ask that you follow some link that will throw a "BUY NOW!!!!" sign in your face.

In all honesty, it is not difficult to make gold in World of Warcraft. In fact, gold is quite easy to obtain in WoW. Still, players of all levels find themselves asking how they can make gold in World of Warcraft with very little effort. The standard online guide for World of Warcraft provides generalities and often outdated information or suggests that the best way to make gold is to use duping programs or bots. But really, none of that is needed and I will give you some very specific examples of how to make money in WoW with very little effort.

For new characters, do not underestimate the power of your primary and secondary professions. This goes for players creating alts as well. At level five you can train your two primary skills. I recommend gathering professions from the onset, this way you can make money while you level. You can always unlearn a profession land select another later, once you've amassed a satisfactory stockpile of coinage. First things first, however. If you don't yet have a bank alt, you need to make one. A bank alt is a character that you create for the sole purpose of holding items and managing auctions. So, create your character and run towards the major city. There is no need to level up, if you die you can just start from the graveyard and try again. Just follow the roads and you should be fine. Once you've reached the main gates, head inside and locate the auction house. Nearby you will find easy access to mailboxes and the bank. Congratulations! You now have a character that you can mail items to for easy listing. You no longer have to travel out of your way to post your treasures on the auction house.

WoW Gold is Easy!

With a little effort, you too could be carrying around loads of Warcraft gold in cool green bags like this cheeky fellow.
With a little effort, you too could be carrying around loads of Warcraft gold in cool green bags like this cheeky fellow.

What Professions?

Now you're ready to make some easy gold. When I start leveling a low level character, I always seem to choose mining and skinning. On most servers copper ore sells for 3-6 gold per stack on average. Of course, economies have a certain ebb and flow to them, but we'll get to that. Skinning will net you about a gold per stack of light leather and they are super easy to get. Not only can you skin the animals that you kill, but you can also skin the slain and looted animals that other players leave behind.

Other options would be to substitute mining with herbalism or you could swap out skinning. Changes made to the game now allow you to natively track more than one resource on your mini-map!

You'll definitely want to check your local server economy, though. Some ranges of herbs have been very profitable for me on some servers, while other ranges are very hard to sell. Do a few quick scans of the auction house to see what will work best for you.

What do I do with my items?

As you level, you will often find uncommon items, indicated by their green names. Every once in a great while you might stumble upon a rare item with a blue name. If you're really lucky you might pick up an epic item with a purple name. Send these to your bank alt along with any ore, flowers, or leather you happen to gather.

You'll notice after a while that low level items and ore actually sell pretty well. This is because there are fewer low level players in World of Warcraft now that it is a well-established game. When fewer players are in the low level starting zones, there are less drops of items in those level ranges. Likewise, less people are gathering herbs, ore, and skins so demand isn't overshadowed by supply. This justifies a higher price than these items would have had several years ago.

This is where it gets interesting!

Playing the market

By now you have theoretically amassed a small fortune by selling your items on the auction house. World of Warcraft has been good to you and you've done your best to avoid novelty purchases so you can have your gold work for you.

Over the past few days you may have noticed that some players seem to lack an understanding of market value. Instead of getting mad at that poor schmuck who posted five stacks of copper ore at two gold a stack, you can buy up all of his ore and re-post it at the price the economy will bear. This is a very simple example of making an easy profit using the auction house.

The truth is, the guy who posted for less should be happy because he got his asking price, and the people buying the ore don't really have to buy it, so what they are purchasing is the convenience of you providing it for them. Once you have the feel for the market on other items, you will find that a few quick searches every so often will net you a nice reward for minimal effort.

Additional items you may want to check into are wool cloth, mageweave, and, depending on your server, runecloth. The most profitable of these will be mageweave in most economies unless the market becomes over-saturated..

Farm the Vale

You may have heard rumblings about farming the Vale for keys and chests while using a Potion of Luck. You can also obtain sky shards, which will allow you to get a sweet flying serpent mount when you collect 10. If you aren't against mindless grinding and you have a suitable class for killing mass level 90 NPCs quickly (My warlock performs quite well.), this is a very lucrative option.

I'll leave you with a YouTube video to demonstrate the process. My advice, though, is to learn to make gold as you level. This will help you identify opportunities when the new expansion hits, rather than chasing rumors of easy gold online.

Farm the Vale of Eternal Blossoms


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I use Tycoon Addon to find highly valuable items to sell. Made over 500,000 gold so far in 3 weeks! Let me know what you think of my review video :)

    • BradyBones profile imageAUTHOR

      R. Brady Frost 

      6 years ago from Somewhere Between a Dream and Memory

      I really should update this a bit. Ore and herbs, even leather sell for a lot more than they used to. Seriously, folks, making gold in WoW is super easy!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This was helpful

    • BradyBones profile imageAUTHOR

      R. Brady Frost 

      9 years ago from Somewhere Between a Dream and Memory

      Thank you, Prasetio!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice information Brad. you have cool hub. very interesting.

    • BradyBones profile imageAUTHOR

      R. Brady Frost 

      9 years ago from Somewhere Between a Dream and Memory

      Why yes, that is an original graphic! :)


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