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Electric Bike Conversion: Easy and Economical

Updated on February 18, 2014

The Electric Bike Conversion Kit: It's Easy To Install And Works Great!

Update November, 2013: I have been using my bike outfitted with the conversion kit for 8 months now and I love it! I have been keeping track of my miles and have saved over $286 on gas. That is just using it 2 or 3 times a week for short trips to the corner store and library, instead of driving my car. Without the kit installed, I would NOT have rode my bike, because of the hills on the way. And, I am much fitter and have lost 16 pounds. Not bad!

I learned about the ebike motor kit from riding a friends old bike that she had converted to electric assisted power with a Hill Topper conversion kit.

What fun! I really like the idea of taking your own bike that you are happy with, and giving it an upgrade of an electric motor to assist your pedaling when you need some extra power.

Photo Courtesy Clean Republic

If you have stopped riding your bike as much as before because of the distance or difficulty of pedaling up hills, you can easily do it with the assistance of an electric motor.

UPDATE October 2013: I now have over 600 miles on my Hill Topper converted bike and can't be more pleased with it's durability and how much I enjoy riding my bike now. I ride 20 miles, 3 times a week to the store, library and around my neighborhood. I couldn't be more pleased!

Ready made electric bikes are good, and the technology has gotten a lot better in recent years with their growing popularity. They are a bit steep in the price range for me, which is why I like the Hill Topper Conversion Kit, but they might be the right choice for you depending on your budget.

Look How Easy It Is To Install! - (And a tip of the hat to my fellow Lost fans!)

Now, let me warn you guys who are mechanical geeks: You know, the type who would rather put a thousand little pieces together than 10...who buy a kit to assemble and immediately look for a different way to do it, because you are going to make it better...well, that is not me! I like simple, good working gadgets that are easy to put together, if I have to at all. "Pimping it up" is not the way I go about my business! Check out the video below that shows how quickly you can convert your bicycle. In minutes it turns your lovable old bike into an electric HYBRID! You pedal normally and with a push of a button on your handlebar to engage the electric motor, you are easily climbing those dreaded hills like a hot knife through butter! Visit Clean Republic and Learn More

Woman on a bike with parasol
Woman on a bike with parasol

Electric Bicycles: Common Questions

I think it's a good time here to answer some questions that I had, and you might have too.

1. Do I need a license to ride an electric bicycle? No, we are talking "pedal assisted under 20 mph" here. But there are rules and regulations, and they all vary depending on where you live. Most depend on how fast your motorized bicycle can go, how big the motor/engine is, etc. So, before you buy, check out your local and state laws and regulations. That will save you heartache later in case you want a High Priced Super Duper Blazing Fast bicycle that you think you can ride on the sidewalks of your town. You can usually get all the info you need from your MVD and/or towns website.

2. Should I buy a ready made electric bicycle or a Hill Topper kit? I think that depends on how much you can spend and if you really don't think you can follow the instructions. Before you decide that, check out the information I have provided you on this page that show what the kit is like to assemble. I think you will find the Hill Topper so easy, you can do it. You can always contact them for assistance. They are really great about that.

3. Will the Hill Topper kit fit my own bike? The Hill Topper, which is the kit I recommend in electric conversion kits, fits 95% of all bikes, and if you have an odd duck, they can help you customize the kit to fit. You need to provide they wheel size (24",26",700cc are standard) and make sure the "fork" that holds the wheel has a clearance of at least 3.9" so the new motor will fit. Almost all bikes have that amount of space.

4. How fast do they go? The fastest, without pedaling, of the Hill Topper is 15 mph. If you pedal with the motor on, as recommended, you will go faster with less work, and save the battery. Different models can go at different speeds, and each kit/manufacturer will give those specs.

5. Can I convert my off road mountain bike? Yes, the Hill Topper will convert a mountain bike as long as other specifications are good, you should refit it easily.

6. Can I convert a folding bike? Yes, the Hill Topper fits them, usually with no problems.

7. How far can I go on a charged battery? The Hill Topper has a range of 10 miles for the lowest priced kit to 40 miles for the top kit. Remember, that is miles with the battery in use, not miles you necessarily travel, since you will not always have the motor "on" but conserve and use as you need it, for hills or a rest period.

8. How much does a Hill Topper electric bicycle converstion kit cost? The Hill Topper starts at $399 (less $5 discount code I provide). Most other kits are higher, much more complicated and not often made with the quality control that Clean Republic has. Ready made electronic bicycles usually start at $450, and can go up over many thousands of dollars, depending on what you want. (Note that the converted bike is lighter weight than the pre-made bike).

Click Here To Visit Clean Republic and Learn More

Hill Topper Converted Tricycle
Hill Topper Converted Tricycle

The Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit: It's Green, It's Economical, It's Healthy!

A Sweet Ride

The electric bicycle is one of the neatest things to come around since the bike itself, in my humble opinion. It's not that I am lazy or hate to exercise, it's because I CAN'T physically do it as much as I should anymore.

I spent over 20 years as a professional plant grower and it took it's toll on my body, especially my back.

Photo Courtesy Clean Republic.

Despite doing all the prescribed stretches, etc., I still can't get all the physical workouts that I need. I can't pedal a bike up and down hills, over dales, through the woods, to Grandmothers house I go. However, with a little electric motor attached to the bike, at my beck and call with a push of a button, I can enjoy the ride, pedalling pain free as long as I wish (keeping an eye on the charge meter, of course!).

I haven't added up the cost savings of driving to the corner store, vs riding the electric bike, but with the amount of trips I make, it would be substantial! (I can't seem to remember to get everything in one trip, even with a list!) The bonus is that it's a lot healther to ride the bike that short distance than driving.

Which brings me to bicycle electric motor conversion kits. You can look on the web for hours there are so many out there. And, although most say they are easy to install on your bike, all it takes for me is one look at that picture of a wheel with a zillion parts all around it, to know it's time for me to move on.

On the other hand, the pre-made electric powered bikes cost a lot more than I could or would want to spend. What's a gal to do? Well, in this case I let my fingers do the walking and found an easy to assemble electric bicycle conversion kit that fits the least mine. It's The Hill Topper by Clean Republic, a USA company. Click Here For Reviews and Customer Videos

A Bike Converted To Electric Power

A Hill Topper Electric Bicycle
A Hill Topper Electric Bicycle

Here is a typical bike with the easy to install Hill Topper.

Photo Courtesy Clean Republic.

Bicycle Helmet Titanium
Bicycle Helmet Titanium

Titanium Bicycle Helmets

Ride Safe With Style

No matter what type of cycle you ride, safety is foremost to consider. Always wear a helmet, and make sure it's of the best quality to give you maximum protection should you have an accident!

Bell and Giro Bicycle Helmets give you that protection and have a large selection to suit your wallet and style. Check them out here at Helmet City!

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