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EvE Online Plus Dust

Updated on March 16, 2016

Eve online

This game is by far my Favorite game ever i could play if for hours on end. the way they set up this game is the same as our own space it is always getting bigger so that said you could never see the whole game in your lifetime in real life even if you started playing when you were 5 years old.

but that aside there is so much to do in this game from becoming a pirate and steeling from other players to mining over 20 different kinds of ore

to sell and even mining ice as well. you can be making enough in game money called isk to pay for your 30 day plex game card you see i played for three months and only spent $40.00 real money in this game i could have kept going but they did an upgrade and my pc became out classed for the game or i'd still be playing right now i'm just shy of 203,000,000isk from getting another plex card made with in game money

Eve Online what a fun game and it's

not hard to learn

Just think of it as real life if you want to build a house your self you don't just build one first you learn how to build a house the same go's for eve online for every thing in game there is a skill to learn and master that skill at first, lvl one for that skill may only take 15 mins when you reach lvl 5 of that skill, it may take 2 months & 2 weeks and 5 days and 4 hours and 13 mins you see now you can only learn one skill at a time but wail your learning that skill, there are so many things you could be doing in game to make isk.. a lot of players will tell you that the only way to make isk is doing incursions

this is wrong you can also go to a system called jita and play the buy and sell game in the market, now you have made about 5 billion isk in three weeks just buying low and selling high or you can mine ice and sell it in raw form for about 300,000.isk for each block of ice. mining is also a slow way to make isk but if you work at it you could make about 475,million isk in 28 days of work faster if your skills in buying and selling and whole Sellers are up to lvl 4 witch you could get in about one month and your mining and ice mining skills to lvl 4 as well, then 28 days becomes 13 or 14 days and you will have a plex card. plex means ingame time about 30 days of play or you could just turn around and sell it for more isk or ingame money as the case may be. normally when a new player gets a buddy invite from a player they get 21 free days of play then after your hooked the player some times will give you a free plex card so you'll have a chance of getting 51 days of free play that player then may take you under there wing and teach you what they know about the game i could go on all day bought this game but i got some videos to show you how great this game is now understand every thing you will see in these videos are real ships you could learn to fly in game i even have a walk throw dun by a good friend of mine so have fun and welcome to the world of Eve Online.


the pic you see here is one of the first ships you might get if you join eve online this is a caldari ship for noobs in the game

and reamber even the most pro player in eve is still a noob there is always more to learn take care and fly safe

My PS3 and Dust 514 update

Can't wait to play

Happy to say. I got my PS3 for my Birthday last year and now just as I'm starting to love Dust 514 CCP is shutting the game down just my luck.

eve battle 2014 - let it rook you

tell you play the game

Eve Online's first orbital strike into Dust 514

now the game gets really intense

EVE Online: - "I Was There"

Eve Online - The Day My Empire called eve lived - and what a life it has become...

EVE Online... - The Butterfly Effect Trailer [HD]

A twinkle in the night sky,

written by Timothy RD Williams.

Cramped in a bubble lost in the black blue engine on my back floating in liquid air

fly through the inland sky knowing but not knowing where I'm going

forever wondering what is in this world and will I ever see home again.

Traveling distances amongst the stars as time passes I do not age,

ever wanted by the Pirates in blue looking for me forever they do.

A twinkle in the night sky I am forever wondering where I am for nothing is clear

and this time about to stink with my thoughts as I autopilot around.

For high sick is great when you have no date of where to be time is not late,

and for this time I see very clear I'm an angel amongst the stars come here come near.

For in the full-length of the grace our planet was lost in outer space

but we not fret nor shall we die for were immortal in CCP's eyes

and for I can say this for I am about to fly the night sky to get around,

for if you see me my name is so clear Timothy Kleppin and space I do not fear

so take care my friends amongst the stars for I am here no less but yours,

@)>-',---- and a rose to the ladies of joy in my life good tidings to all

I bid you a do good night.

Eve Online. - The story line.

Amazon has great - coffee to help keep you

awake on those long nights of game playing

Eve Online Beginners Guide. - The 10 Things To Know Before You Start Playing


a new part to Eve online

Dust is a game for the ps3 but has a big part to play in eve online i don't no much more then that i hope these video's help you out with any other questions you have about this new game coming out this year.

Dust - for the PS3 is shutting down

The transformation of dust platform is about to start from PS3 to Computer i'll let you no when you can join the next jen of Dust514

Dust 514 - How Does Dust Work With Eve Online?

Eve online Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
we want you so join up cadet be one of the fue the proud the eve online players
we want you so join up cadet be one of the fue the proud the eve online players
we want you so join up cadet be one of the fue the proud the eve online players

welcome to eve online tell me what you think of my page.

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  • profile image

    EVE-Billionaire 5 years ago

    I hope they bring Dust 514 out for the PC too. It's a good hint that they have added Keyboard and Mouse support to the PS3 code and the whole game is built on a PC prominent engine.