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Evony Historical Hero Catching guide.

Updated on August 30, 2017

Hunting Historical Heroes with as little cash as possible

Want to learn how to catch Historical Heroes? This short guide will give you step-by-step on how to catch them in start of server, and how to protect them for a week or so. It's mainly aimed for people spending 35 but people not spending at all can also take some tips into catching them.

Steps for success.

How to get many HH's in first 10 hours of server start


Things needed pre-server

25 FB ally's

30$ minimum

Able to start first minute it comes out

HH list of heroes you want


#1. Server opens, you spend however much you've chose too right when it opens for the 30$ package for resources, and medals to get baronet, and also resources from visiting allys that should last you for 4-5 HH's

#2. (Use all speedups for this) Work on 2 TH - quarry to lvl 2, ironmine to lvl 3, after that you work on walls and TH to lvl 5 TH/3walls to get out of BP asap.

#3. Once that part is finished, you go to straight to building 5 inn, and 2 FH.

#4. When 5 Inn is finished you search for many many heroes, to try to get as many heroes in lvl 1-2 NPC for easy takings.

#5. After that, you try to post cavs to FB asap, and accept many FB on fb from other people to try to get 1-3k asap.

#6. Once all that is done, your ready to take your first HH, (This has been done within under 1 hour of server start). You adv tele to a lvl 1-2 NPC with the HH in it, and hit it with your FB cavs until you have it.

#7. If you want to go after another one within the server start, you build second city, xfer your first HH and all resources/army to second city, and build 5 TH/3 walls/5 Inn/3 FH for all things you need to cap another HH.

#8. Once that is finished, you adv tele to another HH in lvl 1-2 copy and repeat step 6.

#9. If you go after another one, you repeat steps 7-8 to cap your 3rd HH, (done within 3 hours of server start and must be Baronet)

#10. Here's where it gets a little tricky if you go after 4th HH with baronet, and most likely little cavs left, You'll have to abandon your first city (Remember, your 3rd city should have same as first, since you xfered your resources/army/heroes' everything to next city, to next)

#11. Once you have your 4th city with 5 TH/3walls/5 Inn/5 FH (steps 7-8)You'll most likely have to build cottages and barracks to build warriors for 4th HH, (1-2k) and find another HH in lvl 1-2 and cap it out of there. And Ta-Da, you have 4 HH's within first hours of server start.

(Optional) If you want, you can abandon the second city you made, and build another 3rd city, (and not getting 5 TH) And xfer all army/resources/heroes to that one. Abandon the rest of your cities and keep your new city with no 5 TH, and You'll be put back into BP with all your HH's still with you, so you can build free if you want. Because what is better then having 4 HH's in BP, and no worrys of them being stolen?

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    • profile image

      David-N 4 years ago

      Nice guide. Server started a few days ago hope I'm not to late to get one.

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

      ImmatureEntrepr 5 years ago

      Thanks for the guide! Very helpful.