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Fable 3 Maximizing Your Wealth

Updated on October 29, 2010

Fable 3 Money

Fable 3 Money
Fable 3 Money

Fable 3 Maximizing your Wealth

In fable 3, although one may start as a prince or princess, the hero (or villain) prince or princess has to escape from the castle, and starts of with 500 gold from Sir Walter. The hero uses this to buy clothes and is left with ....... less than 200 gold. Quite a pauper for a prince or princess.

To start a revolution and rule a country, money is essential. This will allow you kickstart a financial career in fable 3. The hero may end up spend the entire game session in the treasury, like a dragon guarding his throne, staring at the pile of gold.

Fable 3 Odd Jobs

Of course, one could start by doing some fable 3 odd jobs, which include playing the lute, making pies like an amateur masterchef cook and becoming an amatuer blacksmith. This does make some good easy money initially, but is very tedious and not passive. One can progress up the musician, chef and blacksmith pathway by unlocking higher levels of labourer skills in the road to rule area.

Fable 3 Passive Income

To obtain the fable 3 passive income, one really has to first kickstart the hero prince's financial career with 50000 gold by unlocking the 10 silver keys chest.

With 50000 gold, in the fable 3 world, creating passive income is then possible. First in the road to rule area, unlock the entrepreneur and landlord pack. This will allow the hero prince to start buying businesses and houses. Businesses are likely to be better than houses, because the income is every 5 mins, compared to houses which take every 15 mins to produce income. In addition, the stall allows for discounts when the hero returns to purchase items from the stall. Be careful of houses, as they will need repairs at some stage. Once the houses and businesses are purchased, go adventuring and the wealth will build up passively.

Fable 3 Adventuring Money

To make more money through fable 3 adventuring, use your dog wisely. Go to the nearest dog book stall and grab the available treasure hunting dog skills. If the book is unavailable at first, reload the game, and check again. Your dog will then lead you to the hidden treasures, gold, and jewelry which you redeem for gold at the pawn shop.


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