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Fable 3 Mourningwood

Updated on October 29, 2010

Fable 3 Mourningwood

Fable 3 Mourningwood

In fable 3, completing the mistpeak monorail tunnels and clearing out the hobbes lead to the fable 3 mourningwood, a forest infested with hollowman. When the hero prince reaches mourningwood, take your time to look around, because there are more silver keys and treasure here, including the Bonesmasher, a pistol with 3 upgrades possible.

Fable 3 Hollowman in Smoke and Fire

Fable 3 Hollowman in Smoke and Fire
Fable 3 Hollowman in Smoke and Fire

Fable 3 Mourningwood Fort

Eventually Sir Walter leads the hero prince to the fable 3 mourningwood fort. There you are introduced to the leaders of the fort, and asked to try out a cannon (this is the fable 3 industrial age). Whilst trying out the cannon, night falls and hordes of hollowman start appearing on the screen. This is a rather good variant of the fable 3 combat, where you are allowed control of the cannon and start taking aim at the hordes of hollowman. Even more impressive is the explosion when the cannnon is aimed at barrels of oil or explosives. Watch the hollowman collective go up in smoke and fireworks.

Fable 3 Lieutenant Simmons Reborn

Too Many Hollowman

Eventually the hero prince realizes that using the cannon can only do so much, as more and more hollowmen materialize and start flooding into the fort. It's time to make your stand in the fort.

Use a combination of range attacks using the Bonesmasher (ideal for hollowman), the Inquisitor sword moves and fable 3 spell combinations to take out the hollowman. Just when you think the hollowmen have been eliminated, the grave within the fort stirs and the boss of the fable 3 mourningwood emerges from the ground - Lieutenant Simmons is born ..... or rather reborn.

This Lieutenant Simmons is tough to bring down, and will apparently go down only to rematerialize in another corner of the mourningwood fort with more hollowmen. Combine the attacks above with time control potions and healing potions. Eventually the hero prince triumphs and the fable 3 mourningwood men join the hero's cause and the albion revolution gathers momentum.


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