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Fable 3 Traitor's Keep DLC

Updated on February 27, 2011

Fable 3 Traitor Keep

Fable 3 Traitor Keep
Fable 3 Traitor Keep

Fable 3 Traitor's Keep DLC

Fable 3 DLC release date will be 1 March 2011. Fable 3 Traitor's Keep DLC is based on the ruler of Albion - ie the player character you having assumed control of Albion and making decisions about Albion - for good or for evil. As with all rulers, conspirators will want to dethrone the ruler and usurp the throne, and so the tale of the Traitor's Keep begins.

Fable 3 Clockwork Island

Fable 3 Traitor's Keep takes the Hero to Clockwork Island on the trail of the conspirators. Clockwork Island is a futuristic version of the industrial age that has befallen Albion. It is based on technology way ahead of the times in Fable 3. The gates open and the Hero is allowed into the town. Instead of seeing humans, he sees robots waving at him. Very strange indeed. The hero approaches the control tower ie the lair of the creator of Clockwork Island - the Inventor.

Once through the gate, things turn nasty, as robotic minions are loosened upon the hero. Is the Inventor the traitor? Anyway, things happen too fast for any thinking, as the Hero must wield the Sword, Hammer or Magic and defend himself. And just as the Hero is using the area effects of the fire spell, the minions teleport! No more area effect attacks, as the Hero must dodge and roll his way to victory.

Fable 3 Ravenscar Keep and Godwin Estate

Fable 3 DLC Traitor's Keep also has two other locations announced by Microsoft ie Ravenscar Keep and Godwin Estate. Could the conspirators be hiding in the fable 3 ravenscar keep? From the fable 3 dlc traitor's keep trailer, it looks like Ravenscar is a place of hideous and vicious prisoners, and the hero must be able to handle all of them. However, what Godwin Estate is is to be determined in the fable 3 DLC.

Fable 3 other DLC contents

Fable 3 other DLC contents which have already been released include the understone quest park (which allows players to explore another part of Bowerstone), asymmetrical bob, the 5 star dog potion which allows the Hero's dog stats to max out, and other dlc contents. Although good for leveling up certain areas of the hero character, the fable 3 dlc traitor's keep content will give players a real good expansion to the rpg universe that is Fable 3.


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