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Far Cry 3 Down in the Docks Quest

Updated on December 11, 2012

Far Cry 3 Down in the Docks Quest

Far Cry 3 lower the ledge and find the solution to get into the treasure room.
Far Cry 3 lower the ledge and find the solution to get into the treasure room.

Far Cry 3 Down in the Docks Quest

In Far Cry 3, the hero Jason must complete the Down in the Docks Quest in order to get the second compass on route to finding the knife. This will guide the hero on how to get to the submarine docks and then defeat the pirates to get the second compass.

Far Cry 3 Get to the Submarine Docks

Go to the marked location on the map to rendezvous with Buck and then enter the facility that houses the second compass. Within the first chamber, find some crates. Climb onto the crates and climb onto the ledge. Defeat the snake in this area and then go down some stairs and jump into the water below, reaching the checkpoint. Swim through the tunnel and arrive at cavern where there is an old rusted submarine. This is the submarine docks.

There will be lots of pirates here. Take out the flamethrower pirates first and then finish off the rest of the other pirates. If the hero catches fire, then jump into the water to douse the flames. Once the pirates at the submarine docks are defeated, turn left to find the cave entrance. There will be more pirates at the cave entrance. Use stealth takedown, grenades and weapons to take them out. Then find a way into the chinese ruins. The solution has been provided by the pirates. They have wired some explosives to the entrance door. So once the pirates are all gone, use the explosives to shatter a way into the chinese ruins.

Far Cry 3 Explore the Chinese Ruins

The next stage in the quest is to explore the Chinese ruins. Head forth and jump into some water below a ledge. A crocodile will attack Jason here, indicating Jason is no the right track. Surface onto the other side of the water (follow the arrow on the HUD) and then climb a ledge to enter a compound where there will be a seal. Touch the seal and the teethed gate will open.

Go through and swim underwater and then resurface and climb onto another ledge. Finally, Jason needs to enter the treasure room to get the treasure. There will be two switches here. Use the hand to unlock one of the gates and use some weapons to cause the structure beyond to collapse. The other gate will only go down halfway when Jason switches it with his hand, so swim underwater to get beyond the gate. Use weapons to cause the other structure to collapse and this will allow the ledge into the treasure room to be lowered, allowing Jason to climb onto the ledge. Enter the treasure room and pick up the compass.

Then escape the ruins before everything collapses. Report back to Buck for a debrief about what to do next.


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