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Far Cry 3 Kick the Hornet's Nest

Updated on December 7, 2012

Far Cry 3 Kick the Hornet's Nest

Far Cry 3 burn the crops and kick the hornet's nest
Far Cry 3 burn the crops and kick the hornet's nest

Far Cry 3 Kick the Hornet's Nest

In Far Cry 3, the hero Jason will meet with the temple priestess at the temple and she will give him a pill. The pill will allow Jason to have a vision about the future. In the future, Jason will see a man in a white coat in a town called Badtown. Jason tells Dennis Rogers about this and is directed to Badtown. In Badtown, Jason tails the white coat man Hoyt and is led to his shack. In Hoyt's hideout, Jason is introduced to the spy Hoyt (actual name Willis). Hoyt has a mission for Jason - go to Vaas's boss's fields and burn his fields of crops. This is the Kick the Hornet's Nest quest. This will guide the hero on how to burn the crops whilst surviving against the hordes of enemies that will turn up to protect the fields. Next, the hero needs to work his way to reach the fishing village and destroy the boat before it motors away.

Far Cry 3 Burn the Crops

Follow the marker on the map and run or drive towards the fields of weeds. Jason needs to arm himself with the flamethrower (which Hoyt will give to him, or unlocked from activating the radio stations) before going there. It is essential to unlock more weapon slots for this quest, as Jason needs to alternate between different weapons.

When Jason arrives at the fields, use sniper type weapons to defeat the pirates nearest to the inflammable fields. Then sneak to the nearest fields and launch flamethrower attacks on the crops. The crops will start burning attracting pirates to the area. This is when the carnage starts, as Jason needs to fend off the pirates with the flamethrower and run around lighting the remaining crops on fire. Prepare lots of health syringes and also use some of the healing skills on the appropriate skill tree to power Jason up so he can heal up without the need for health syringes. In this way, Jason will also have lots of health slots so he can take more damage.

Jason will run out of tanks of fuel at some stage. Run into one of the pirates' huts and grab more fuel tanks. Set the remaining crops on fire and head towards the fishing village.

Far Cry 3 Reach the Fishing Village

Jason's next target is the fishing village. The fishing village will be guarded by lots of pirates. Make sure the pirates behind in the fields are all eliminated before heading towards the fishing village. With no one to trouble him at the back, sneak and hide behind cover and start attacking the pirates at the fishing village. There is one group of pirates that Jason needs to take out. And that is the pirates using the mounted machine gun near the boat. Defeat them and then use the sniper weapon to take out the rest of the pirates.

When most of the pirates are eliminated, the only ones left that may be a threat are the pirate with the chuncky armor near the boat and his silly weapon thrower pirate behind him. Advance to a near enough position and then use the sniper weapon to take the armored pirate out. When he is down, take out the other pirate behind him, and then quickly head towards the boat and take up the RPG weapon near the boat.

Before the boat motors away too fast, aim and shoot the RPG weapon at the boat. Watch the boat explode and the remaining weeds destroyed. .


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