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Far Cry 3 Paint It Black

Updated on December 22, 2012

Far Cry 3 Paint It Black

Find the vines to climb unnoticed into the compound and then turn left and proceed to enter the bunker
Find the vines to climb unnoticed into the compound and then turn left and proceed to enter the bunker

Far Cry 3 Paint it Black

In Far Cry 3, Jason has made it into Hoyt’s inner sanctum. Before Jason goes to the poker game invite from Hoyt, he must disable Hoyt’s communications on the island and render Hoyt helpless before he strikes. To accomplish this, Sam tells Jason that he must destroy Hoyt’s satellite dish on the island. This is the Paint it Black quest. This will guide Jason on how to get into the bunker and then fight his way through the bunker and to the satellite dish.

Far Cry 3 Get Into the Bunker

Jason should go to the nearest camp near the satellite dish and capture it. Fast travel to this camp and then travel to the bunker. The following steps will guide Jason how to get into the bunker

  • climb the vines to get onto the small hill where the bunker is located.
  • go into sneak crouch mode and make sure Jason has the jungle crouch run skill upgrade.
  • use the sniper rifle on the two guards on the high stations.
  • find the nearest, most convenient and least guarded station and deactivate the alarm.
  • Jason can either use a stealth approach and take out the patrolling guards and privateers
  • Or just bring out the big stuff ie RPG weapons and blast the enemies to oblivion

Once the heavy guards guarding the entrance to the bunker are defeated, connect some C4 onto the bunker door and get a safe distance away from the bunker door. Now activate the switch and blast the doors open.

Far Cry 3 Fight Your Way to the Satellite Dish

This really should be called throw and blast your way to the satellite dish – Jason Brody style. Load as many grenades as possible and switch to RPG weapon mode.

The bunker is a series of small rooms interconnected by small crampy corridors and jam packed with enemies. There is only one solution for this situation. Crouch run and sneak into the corridors before the enemies come out and throw not one but two grenades into the corridors and rooms. Surprisingly, some of the enemies will actually survive the dual blasts and will appear into the room where Jason is located. Take them down with stealth takedowns when they appear or back up into the distance and launch the RPG weapons at them.

The final chamber of the bunker is booby trapped. Make sure Jason’s six slots of health are full before entering. Enter and then run out of the entrance. The explosion will knock down the enemies in the room, save for the heavy guard. Defeat the heavy flamethrower when he comes into the room. Then climb the stairs and exit the bunker.

Far Cry 3 Destroy the Satellite Dish

Once Jason exits the bunker, there are few guards left. Use stealth take down or the RPG weapon to take out the remaining guards. Be careful of the sniper guard at the high station. When all the guards are down, go attach the explosives onto the satellite dish.

At this time, more guards will pour into the compound. What Jason should do is to go right (when his back is facing the satellite) and hide amongst the bushes. When the guards pour into the compound, use a combination of heavy weapons and grenades to take them all down. Sam will pilot a helicopter and land on the compound at about this time. Take the helicopter, go airborne and ignite the explosives. Then jump off the helicopter to complete the Paint it Black mission.


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