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Far Cry 3 Start Blood Dragon DLC

Updated on May 6, 2013

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough Begins

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon walkthrough begins
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon walkthrough begins

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough Begins

In Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, the hero Rex is born or partly born and partly manufactured. Rex is the Mach IV cyborg and must undertake a dangerous mission to destroy the Omega forces and their commander Sloan. However, a dangerous mission means Rex will need all the help he can get. The kind Kobaysashi Cyborg organization has provided a tutorial to teach Rex the 101 of this dangerous mission. And this will provide Rex with a walkthrough and guide of FC3 Blood Dragon. It will provide hints and tips on how to complete the first mission from taking down the first cyber solider to protecting Spider and defeating the final cyber soldier and smashing the control panel of the firing rocket.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Tutorial

Rex needs a tutorial to help him achieve his objectives.
Rex needs a tutorial to help him achieve his objectives.

FC3 Blood Dragon Tutorial On How to Do Things and Eliminate All Cyber Soldiers

The Blood Dragon story starts with Rex being handed a massive automatic machine gun by Spider. Do not release the trigger button. Smack the enemies with gunfire from the helicopter and then Rex will alight somewhere near the beach. This is where the fun part starts. Rex will be taught how to jump, crouch, look around and sprint.

Then Rex will be taught how to jump across the ledge to take on the first cyber soldier. Take down the first cyber soldier. Miss the FC3 takedown? Do it again, but this time, chain it up and do a chain takedown. Now climb further up the hill and reach the entrance to the Omega forces enemy base. Here Rex will crouch and then move up and take down the cyber soldier, and then fire off a “ninja shuriken attack” on the other second consecutive cyber soldier. Neat!

Now hide behind the wall and observe a enemy vehicle move by. Use Cyber Eye and tag the enemies. Now move under cover behind some crates and vehicles and move to the left and disable the alarm. With the alarm disabled, switch to this particular Rex’s favourite weapon – the Kobracon a.k.a noisy sniper rifle and then fire at the enemies. The first shot is a gift, catching the enemies unaware. Then run away like a cyborg and finish off the other enemies.

Now, with all cyber soldiers eliminated, head inside the command center and rendezvous with Spider.

FC3 Blood Dragon Protect Spider

The next mission is on par with the Terminator’s most annoying missions – protect someone. This someone is Spider. First, make sure Spider is behind Rex. Go in and take down the first cyber soldier and do a shuriken throw on the second one. There will be more cyber soldiers behind cover. Defeat them all using sniper shots from far, or just rush in and finish them off with shotgun attacks. Note that there will be a heavy enemy here. Finish him off by pressing F repeatedly. The heavy beatdown skill is here, just not yet available.

Next, Rex can respond to a suggestion from Spider. He can climb up the catwalk and drop takedown two enemies from above. Unfortunately, the whole place is crawling with enemies. So a lot of enemies minus two enemies is still a lot of remaining enemies. It’s time to whip out the shotgun. Run around and do a one shot one takedown approach until all the enemies are defeated. If Rex is injured, go hide underneath a pipe and heal up (Q on PC). Then come out and repeat the procedure.

Far Cry 3 Protect Spider as He Hacks

Far Cry 3 protect Spider as he hacks - this is Rex's corridor of termination for the cyber soldiers
Far Cry 3 protect Spider as he hacks - this is Rex's corridor of termination for the cyber soldiers

With enemies defeated, Spider can hack the control panel of the rocket. He needs more time, and enemies are coming in. Do not move from Spider too much. Note the one corridor leading to the control panel. This is the Mach IV cyborg’s corridor of termination. When enemies come through this corridor, put them down. The end result should look like this.

Spider will then be stunned by an electrical feedback loop. He will be on the ground and will tell Rex to go smash the control panel. So defeat more oncoming cyber soldiers and go smash the control panel before the countdown is complete.

Once the first mission is completed, watch the 1980s computer cut scene as Rex and Spider are captured by Sloan. Then, it’s time to meet the dragons.


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