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Farcry 3 Playing the Spoiler

Updated on December 3, 2012

Farcry 3 Playing the Spoiler

Farcry 3 Getting A Friend (the Tiger) to Play the Spoiler
Farcry 3 Getting A Friend (the Tiger) to Play the Spoiler

Farcry 3 Playing the Spoiler

In Farcry 3, Jason takes a short break from his mission to save his friends from Vaas. Vaas has decided to attack Amanaki Town and has assembled an array of weapons to launch this attack. Jason must stop this attack. This will guide Jason “the spoiler” as he infiltrates the pirates’ camp and takes out the weapons, thus preventing the imminent attack on the town.

Farcry 3 Get to the Vantage Point and then Disable the Alarm

In the playing the spoiler mission, Jason must get to the area where the pirates are positioned. To do this well, it is best to unmask the map of the area by climbing the radio station in this area and then activating it. With the map unmasked, Jason can see clearly that this area is southeast of Amanaki Town, or east and slightly north of the radio station. Head to the area and then get to the vantage point.

From the vantage point, Jason can use the camera to tag all the enemies in the camp. Also, near the center of the camp will be an alarm. Jason will try to disable the alarm. Sneak out of the vantage point, and then sneak into camp and slowly, silently and patiently take out the enemies one at a time from behind. Go from the outside to the inside and proceed with caution to the alarm and then switch it off.

Farcry 3 Get A Friend to Help Jason Defeat the Pirates

Even if Jason is detected and the alarm cannot be switched off, the mission can continue. The odds may be overwhelming as the pirates will simultaneously converge onto Jason all at once. It’s time to call in the help of a friend. From the vantage position, Jason would have spotted a tiger lying just outside the camp.

Annoy the tiger by approaching the tiger. The tiger will start chasing after Jason. Jason must lure the tiger right smack into the middle of the camp. Here, the tiger will abandon Jason and start attacking the weaker enemies – the pirates. Run around the camp, giving more time for the tiger to annihilate the pirates. Whilst running around the camp, if Jason is close to any pirates, be sure to take the pirates out using the machete or guns, making things easier for the hero’s friend the tiger.

Farcry 3 Destroy the Weapons Cache

Jason must destroy the weapons cache at some point. So head into the room containing the weapons cache and then plant the bomb. Run out to a safe distance and watch the explosion.

When the dust settles, Jason can either eliminate the remaining pirates or escape the area. With that, Jason has successfully completed the playing the spoiler mission.

It’s time to resume rescuing Jason’s friends from the crutches of Vaas.


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