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Farcry 3 Prison Break In

Updated on December 3, 2012

Farcry 3 Prison Break-In

Farcry 3 Defeat the Overseer to get the key for the prison break-in.
Farcry 3 Defeat the Overseer to get the key for the prison break-in.

Farcry 3 Prison Break-In

In Farcry 3, the warrior hero Jason must break into the prison where Vaas is holding his friends captive and rescue them. To do this, Jason must go to the Sunset Cove and infiltrate the pirate prison camp there. This will guide Jason on how to defeat the guards in the prison camp using stealth and brutal force, get the key from the overseer, attempt to rescue Liza and finally escape with Liza from the fire in the Island Port Hotel and the car chase.

Farcry 3 Get to Sunset Cove

Before embarking on the prison break-in mission, the hero needs to be prepared. Jason should bring along the following weapons if possible –

  • the M700 sniper with silencer upgrade (unlocked with 6 radio stations activated)
  • the flamethrower

These two weapons will make the prison break-in so much easier.

Now the hero should also capture or liberate Mosquito Yard, a pirate outpost which lies to the east of Sunset Cove. Once liberated, the hero can fast travel to Mosquito Yard, get his weapons of choice and then proceed east (by swimming or using a water vehicle) to Sunset Cove.

Farcry 3 Use Stealth and then Brute Force to Defeat the Pirates at Sunset Cove

From the beach leading into Sunset Cove, head up the shore and sneak between the bushes and grass in the hills to a spot near the two pirate overlook posts. Use the M700 sniper weapon with silencer to eliminate them without a sound. In the first overlook post is the overall alarm system. Switch this off. Now from the overlook post, use the camera to tag all the enemies in the prison camp. Notice that the overseer guard who holds the prison key will have a different tag. Move along the high grounds until the hero reaches a relatively safe sniper spot and use this spot to eliminate the overseer. It is possible to take out all the guards with stealth, but it may take too long and does not give the hero a chance to demonstrate his array of awesome weapons. So once the overseer on the stage is eliminated, the pirates are alerted. Use the flamethrower and other weapons to dispose of the other pirates.

With the pirates outside defeated, follow the directions on the map and head into a small cave leading to a door. Inside are more pirates. Jason uses a combination of flamethrowers, SMG weapons and grenades to eliminate them. Head further inside and discover a makeshift “home theater system" showing Liza being tortured.

Jason moves further into the cave and is attacked and subdued.

Farcry 3 Escape from the Burning Island Port Hotel

Jason wakes up and finds that Vaas is intent on burning Jason and Liza by setting the hotel on fire. This will show Jason the way back up to Liza and will guide the warrior on how to rescue Liza and escape from the burning hotel.

Farcry 3 Get to the Cave Beneath Earnhardt's Mansion

Farcry 3 Cave Under Earnhardt's Mansion (under the white pavilion).
Farcry 3 Cave Under Earnhardt's Mansion (under the white pavilion).

After Liza and Jason crash land from high above the scaffolding onto the ground, they climb into a truck and escape. Liza is the driver and Jason the armsmaster. To complete this part of the game is easy. Simply shoot at anything that is moving and is shooting back. Finally, escort Liza to the safety of the Earnhardt mansion.

Here, Jason should look for the white pavilion outside the mansion. Just underneath is a path that leads to the cave that now houses Daisy.

Next, keeping busy and then head into the temple to unlock the true powers of the warrior.


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