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Farcry 3 Secure the Outpost

Updated on December 5, 2012

Farcry 3 Secure the Outpost

Farcry 3 Secure the First Outpost
Farcry 3 Secure the First Outpost

Farcry 3 Secure the Outpost

In Farcry 3, the warrior hero Jason must secure the outpost and use it as a starting point and experience in securing other outposts on the island. The outpost has been occupied by the pirates and is being used as an outpost to terrorize the natives of the island in the hope of continuing to subdue them. This will guide the warrior hero Jason on using his newfound skills and weapons to eliminate all the pirates in the first outpost.

Farcry 3 Eliminate All the Pirates in the Outpost

Jason and his band of freedom fighters will arrive at the foot of the outpost, in the hope of defeating the pirates here and freeing his friend Lisa.

From the bottom of the hill, go into sneak mode, or crouch and then use the vegetation on the right as foliage and cover and move up the small hill. In this way, Jason will not be detected by the pirates and can take two or three of them down with sneak attacks from behind. The outpost is protected by a fencing all the way around, but there are a few loopholes in the fencing. One of the loopholes will be on the right hand side of the outpost and will allow Jason to sneak in and spring a surprise attack on one of the pirates here.

Now continue to move around the perimeter of the outpost. At this early point in the game, Jason will only be armed with a pistol. An adequate weapon but not a very efficient weapon. Jason will eventually move to one corner of the outpost. Here, Jason will still have to deal with the remaining pirates and a dog. To spread out the numbers and make the pirates come to him one at a time rather than all at once (which will be life and game ending), Jason needs to hide behind one of the corners of the buildings and then throw a rock into the distance. This will attract the dog in the first instance. When the dog rounds the corner, use the pistol to silence the guard dog. Unfortunately, this also exposes Jason and the pirates realize that they are being attacked.

So use the corner as cover and pop out and fire the pistol at the nearest pirate. Jason will get hit by the pirates. Heal up using green healing syringes. Go back behind corner and then launch a grenade attack on the pirates hiding behind cover. This will eliminate those pirates behind cover. The other remaining pirate will be flushed out. Come out and finish off the remaining pirate.

Congratulations! The warrior hero Jason has just secured his first outpost, and is ready to move on in the game.

Farcry 3 Get Free Shotgun at the Start of the Game

To receive a shotgun for free after the secure the outpost mission, Jason needs to explore the outpost and find a board displaying various missions. Here, Jason will be able to pick up a mission involving putting down some rabid dogs (the mission is called shotgun hunt: rabid dogs).Follow the marker on the minimap on the HUD and run or drive down the road to the area designated. The hero will know he has arrived at the area when he spots a shotgun lying on the side of the road. Pick up the shotgun and bullets and hunt the surrounding areas for rabid dogs to defeat.

Next, finding his friends on the island.


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