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Farcry 3 Skills Level Up Guide

Updated on December 7, 2012

Farcry 3 Skills Level Up Guide

In Farcry 3, the warrior hero needs to have skills in order to tame and bend nature to do his bidding. Skills may be divided into the heron category, the spider category and the shark category. This will provide a brief synopsis of the skills and their uses in each category and give some examples of how Jason can use these skills in the early part of the game to improve his outcome in the harsh wilderness of the island.

Farcry 3 the Spider Skills

The Spider skills involve skills in stealth takedowns and survivals. The Spider skills include the following –

  • Expert Archery – when using the bow to attack enemies, this skill gives added stability.
  • Jungle Run – when Jason is crouching, this allows him to move faster.
  • Sprint Slide – allows sliding on the ground after running fast.
  • Ninja Step – noise is reduced when walking and running fast.
  • Expert Swimmer – allows Jason to swim 25% faster.
  • Stone Wall – reduces knockdown damage by enemies and allows less damage (by animals) to be inflicted on Jason.
  • Dealmaker – allows Jason to sell loot at stores for 25% more money.
  • Penny Pincher – allows Jason to find more money when looting enemies.
  • Zoology 101 – allows Jason to get 2 X more items when skinning animals.
  • Horticulture 101 – allows Jason to get 2 X more items when harvesting from plants.
  • Combat Archery – allows Jason to draw and fire arrows 50% faster.
  • Nimble Hands – allows Jason to reload LMGs, assault rifles and sniper rifles 25% faster.
  • Quick Swap – allows Jason to bring up iron sights more quickly, changing of weapons faster.
  • Nimble Fingers – allows Jason to reload shotguns, SMGs and pistols 25% faster.
  • Running Reload – allows Jason to reload a weapon whilst sprinting.
  • Takedown Drag – allows Jason to hide bodies after doing a standard takedown.
  • Knife Throw Takedown – allows Jason to defeat an enemy and then use knife to take down another.
  • Loot Takedown – allows Jason to loot a target when performing a takedown.

Farcry 3 the Shark Skills

The Shark skills involve skills in assault takedowns and healing. The Shark skills include the following –

  • Takedown – sliently takedown an enemy from behind.
  • Heavy Beatdown – defeat a heavy flamer or gunner (requires 1 bull shark defeated).
  • Grenade Takedown – pull the pin on the enemy's grenade and then kick him to explode away.
  • Chained Takedown – Jason goes into super mode, taking down one enemy after another.

  • Field Surgeon – restores 6 slots of health with medical syringes.
  • Button Up – 50% more damage absorbed when wearing body armor properly.
  • Adrenalin Surge – partially drained health bars regenerate 100% faster.
  • Field Medic – allows Jason to heal up on 4 slots of health with syringes.
  • Ironsides – allows Jason to reduce damage from explosions by 50%.
  • Evasive Driving – Jason uses evasive driving skills, allowing him to take 50% less damage.
  • Fire Retardant – fire damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Physical Conditioning – grants Jason additional health slot.
  • Improved First Aid – allows Jason to heal up to 2 slots of health without the need for medicine.
  • Advanced Conditioning – grants Jason an additional health slot.
  • Extra Conditioning – gain an additional health slot.
  • Peak Conditioning – gain an additional health slot.

Farcry 3 the Heron Skills

The Heron skills involves skills in long range takedowns and mobility. The Heron skills include the following -

  • Cook Grenade – allows Jason to use a grenade and throw it, causing explosions, damage and flushing out enemies.
  • Breath Control – allows Jason to steady and hold the scope longer when looking through the scope from long range.
  • Deep Breath – allows Jason to stay underwater longer before needing to come to surface for air.
  • Aimed Reload – allows Jason to reload pistol and sniper rifle while aiming.
  • Cooler Gunner - allows Jason to fire a mounted gun longer before it overheats.
  • Soft Landing - allows Jason to reduce damage from falls.
  • Line Gunner - Jason uses a zipine and fires off one handed with weapons.
  • Steady Aim - allows Jason to maintain steadiness whilst looking through the crosshair of a scope.
  • Marathon Man - allows Jason to sprint faster continuously.
  • Dual Death from Above - from a ledge above, Jason defeats 2 enemies at once.
  • Death from Below - from a ledge beneath, Jason defeats 1 enemy.
  • Death from Above - from above, Jason jumps and defeats 1 enemy.
  • Syringe Potency - syringe effects from crafting last 25% longer.
  • Enhanced Syringe Potency - as above, but 50% longer.
  • Gunslinger Takedown - allows Jason to steal an enemy's pistol and defeat nearby enemies.
  • Hip Shooter - pistols, SMGs and shotguns attack are more accurate.
  • Long Gun Expert - assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs are more accurate.

Farcry 3 Skills Level Up

As Jason adventures through the island, he will encounter enemies and quests. Defeating enemies and completing quests will allow him to earn experience points and then level up and earn skill points once a certain amount of experience points have been accumulated. Some of the skills do require certain conditions or quests to be completed before they are available. All these are part of the growing up of a warrior. Once Jason has picked up some of the cooler skills, execute them on the denizens of the island and prove that Jason is the ultimate warrior!


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