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Farcry 3 The Medusa's Call

Updated on December 3, 2012

Farcry 3 Get Rid of the Reinforcements

Farcry 3 Get Rid of the Reinforcements at the Beach after listening to the Medusa's call.
Farcry 3 Get Rid of the Reinforcements at the Beach after listening to the Medusa's call.

Farcry 3 The Medusa's Call

In Farcry 3, the warrior hero Jason must head to the Medusa and defeat the pirates there to extract intel on where his friends are being kept. This will guide the hero on how to get to the Medusa fast and then use a variety of skills to take down the pirates and complete the Medusa’s Call mission.

Farcry 3 Find the Medusa

Jason must make his way to the Medusa. To do this fast and in an efficient way, the hero should unlock the radio station and then secure the outpost in this area. Fast travel to the outpost (which could be the Amanaki Outpost in this case), and then pick the important weapons to bring along in the medusa’s call mission. To increase the hero’s chances of success in this mission, Jason should bring along at least two weapons, one of which should be a sniper type weapon. This will help Jason in overcoming the onslaught of pirate attacks at the end of the mission. The first sniper type weapon (the SVD) is unlocked after activating the third radio station.

From Amanaki Outpost, head north, following the double circles on the map. The hero may want to drive there or just trek there on foot. It is easier to avoid pirates when approaching places on foot. Reach the Medusa and prepare to sneak attack the pirates.

Farcry 3 Sneak Takedown Pirates and Radio Operators at the Medusa

To complete the checkpoint and proceed further on in the Medusa’s call mission, the hero must do sneak takedowns on the pirates. First use the camera and center in on the pirates to tag them. Then sneak up behind the pirates and take them down from behind. Note that the radio operators will be tagged differently compared to the “normal” pirates. If the pirates are alerted, the mission will fail. So be patient and proceed from one pirate to the next, taking them down one at a time. The important thing here is to take down the radio operators carrying the intel. Defeat three of them and get the key card needed to get the final key intel from the radio.

Follow the marker on the map and find the control room housing the radio that Jason needs.

Farcry 3 Get Rid of the Pirate Reinforcements at the Beach

After Jason obtains the final intel from the radio, he will also realize that the pirate reinforcements are coming for him. Come out of the radio room, and position yourself behind the ship’s metal railings. Use the sniper rifle to take down the pirates flooding onto the beach. If the hero runs out of ammunition, then use grenades and other favorite weapons to defeat the pirates.

With the pirates defeated, head back to Amanaki Town and speak to Rogers about the next mission.


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