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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon DLC Level Up Guide

Updated on May 6, 2013

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Level Up Guide

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Shuriken Takedown
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Shuriken Takedown

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon DLC Level Up Guide

In Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, the hero Rex will gain CP (or cyber points) as he completes missions and defeats wild animal beasts, evil cyber soldiers and commanders and coloured dragons. As Rex accumulates CP, he will “level up” as the CP goes beyond a certain limit. This is the level up guide for Rex the Mark IV cyborg. It will provide a guide of the abilities or skills that Rex will gain as he becomes more and more powerful. Of course, Rex did decline Elizabeth’s offer to have the blood dragon serum infused into him, because “his lady Liberty” told him winners do not use drugs. One will never know the maximum potential of Rex’s prowess, but at least one will know the skills he has at various levels.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 1 Skills

At the puny level 1, Rex is a “simple Mach 4 cyborg”. He has the following –

  • Cyber lungs – able to breath underwater indefinitely; this is so very useful compared to Jason’s skills.
  • Sprint – a cyborg moves faster than a human.
  • Resist fall damage – meaning Rex can jump down from one centimeter or infinite light years and suffer no damage.
  • Regular Takedown, “Ninja” Shuriken Takedown and Chain Takedown – activated! Yeah!! Mach 4 cyborg rocks at level 1!!!

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 2 – 5 Skills

Rex grows more powerful! He gains the following –

  • Level 2 – gains one more health slot.
  • Level 3 – Rex’s weapon changing skills is faster, and he is able to aim faster (iron sight). Beware!
  • Level 4 – Rex is harder to defeat, having more one health slot.
  • Level 5 – Sniper archery: Rex’s stability with the bow improves.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 6 – 9 Skills

Is it possible? Rex becomes even more powerful! He gains the following –

  • Level 6 – Rex is fast becoming undefeatable. He gains one more health slot.
  • Level 7 – Rex is becoming like the Terminatrix. When damaged, he just repairs himself, healing 3 slots of health.
  • Level 8 – can Rex be put down? Hard to believe, given he has yet another health slot.
  • Level 9 – Rex can sprint and reload a weapon, making him almost on par now with the Terminator.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 10 – 13 Skills

It is now a fact. Rex’s potential is unlimited, like He-man and the masters of the universe. He gains the following –

  • Level 10 -- he gains yet another health slot.
  • Level 11 – Takedown now includes pilfering loot skill.
  • Level 12 – gains yet another health slot.
  • Level 13 – Rex can crouch and move faster.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 14 – 17 Skills

Rex levels up! He is now on his way to become a legend. He gains the following –

  • Level 14 – it’s going to take a lot of ammunition to defeat Rex, as he gains another health slot.
  • Level 15 – Rex gains the heavy beatdown skill. Instead of pressing F (on PC) repeatedly near a heavy enemy, he now only needs to press F one time in stealth mode to take them down.
  • Level 16 – Rex’s armor grows as he gains another health slot.
  • Level 17 – Rex becomes an expert basic repair cyborg and is able to heal 4 slots of health.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 18 – 21 Skills

Rex is on the path to cyborg stardom. He gains the following –

  • Level 18 and Level 20 – gains an additional health slot.
  • Level 19 – Rex can aim and reload at the same time.
  • Level 21 – Rex kicks the enemy away and sends him away with the gift of a grenade on the enemy.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 22 – 25 Skills

Rex’s abilities continue to pile up. He gains the following –

  • Level 22 and Level 24 – gains an additional health slot.
  • Level 23 – Rex’s health regenerates faster.
  • Level 25 – Rex takes reduced damage from explosions.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 26 – 29 Skills

Rex is almost there. He gains the following –

  • Level 26 – Rex’s skin and metalworks are sturdy He takes less damage from animal attacks and is less easily knocked down by enemies.
  • Level 27 – Rex steals enemy’s pistol and uses it against the other enemies nearby.
  • Level 28 – Rex can draw and fire arrows faster.
  • Level 29 – Rex’s armor reduces damage by 50%.

FC3 Blood Dragon Level 30 Skills

Rex becomes the ultimate man-machine, or Mach IV cyborg (without the blood dragon serum). He receives the following –

  • Level 30 – reduces damage from fire by 50%.


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