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Final Fantasy Type 0 Level Up Guide

Updated on March 23, 2015

Each character is defined by -

  • HP - the higher the better, means that the character can absorb more damage before dying. Cure or similar spells can raise the HP again. Reraise will bring the character back from the dead.
  • MP - one is hoping to have as many magic points as possible, because this is the fun part of the final fantasy type 0 game, where more MP means more opportunities to cast magic.
  • Attack - Determines melee damage. Especially important for melee fighters like King with the lance.
  • Fire Magic - determines the damage and susceptibility to fire magic.
  • Lightning Magic - determines the damage and susceptibility to lightning magic.
  • Defense - the higher, the better physical defense against enemy attacks and damage.
  • Ice Magic - determines the damage and susceptibility to ice magic.
  • Defence Magic - the higher, the better magical defence against enemy magical attacks.

Abilities Level Up Guide

The basic abilities of heroes in class zero are given below, and some illustrations and examples are given for those favourite or sexy heroes where level up of abilities are concerned.

Ace - He is the flashy hero at the beginning of the game. He uses a deck of cards, and is a ranged fighter who throws cards from a distance, damaging enemies. These are his basic abilities at the beginning.

  • Intel - check status of locked on targets
  • Quick Reflexes - Dodge even during other actions
  • Focus
  • Finishing Blow - perform a finishing move after normal attacks
  • Cut cards
  • Attack Hand - draw cards from a deck stacked with attack effects
  • Support Hand - draw cards from a deck stacked with support effects
  • Life Hand - draw cards from a deck stacked with HP recovery effects
  • Spirit Hand - draw cards from a deck stacked with MP recovery effects

Ace's skills will be supplemented by more powerful abilities such as evasive moves like slipstream and attack powers like laser beam card attack. However, Ace may be superseded later by other characters in terms of their speed and attack prowess and spell casting abilities. However, always keep Ace available as a ranged fighter.

  • Example - Ace's dodge and card abilities are needed against the white tiger l'Cie, the first boss of the game.

Sice - she has a frosty cold exterior which extends to her abilities.

  • Accelerate - increase movement speed
  • Intel - check status of locked on target
  • Combo bonus - increase the number of hits in a normal attack
  • Mobile strike - attack whilst moving with left button and square
  • Moxie
  • Dark nebula - use absorbed malice to attack in a straight line. Dark Nebula is expandable to the following - add stop effect to dark nebula and dark nebula ag - reduce ag cost of dark nebula

Later, Sice can level up to have the death maelstorm abilitiy. This ability causes damage in a whirlwind cloud of death storm.

Example - When Sice attacks, she is a beauty. Her scythe is long reaching, and when you level her up and add death maelstrom to the action, she is virtually unstoppable. Just remember to add health to her health bar when you level her up


Rem has the following abilities at the beginning -

  • Twinspell
  • Intel
  • Guarded finish
  • Manalchemy

As Rem levels up, she will wield her twin daggers with more proficiency. This means that she can slipstream (also an ability that Rem will get when she levels up), dodge enemy attacks and then go to the back of the enemy and slice it with her daggers. This is seen in the example below.

Deuce - She is a support type fighter who is indispensable to the group.

  • Intel
  • Melee Attack - perform a melee attack with left button and square
  • Tone Cluster
  • Concerto - enhance allies' abilities and force them to fight
  • Flinchproof Concerto - prevent flinching while playing concerto
  • Concerto AG - reduce AG cost of Concerto

Trey - basic abilities are -

  • Triple Slip
  • Intel - check status of locked on targets
  • Charged shot
  • Raining Arrows - shower enemies with arrows
  • raining arrows - power increase
  • raining arrows AG decrease
  • Firewall

Cater - basic abilities are -

  • Intel
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Charged Shot
  • Explosive Shell - fire exploding shots with upward direction button and square
  • Elementillery - Fire shots imbued with elemental magic (defaults to Fire)
  • Debuff Shot

Cinque - looks diminutive, but she is a damage maker when she is enraged. She wields a mace which she uses to smash down on her enemies along with her skills earthquake. Basic abilities at the beginning.

  • Intel
  • Focus - perform a charged attack with left button and square
  • Earthquake -
  • Earthquake - Magnitude 7.0 - increase stun rate of Earthquake

Example - level up Cinque correctly, and aim her attacks properly, and she can be taking on the main boss at the end of chapters singlehandedly

Seven - one sexy lady, armed with the most delicious of weapons - the whip. Basic abilities are -

  • Intel
  • Whirlwhip
  • Snakebite - capture an enemy and either reel them in or instantaneously approach the target. Has the following additions to this ability -
  • Livewire - electrify ensnared enemies to damage and possibly inflict stun with left button and x or triangle
  • Snakebite ag - reduce ag cost of snakebite

Together with her snakebite ability and her elementalash (3 elemental modes are available - fire, ice and electricity), she is a tough lady to take down.

Eight - basic abilities are -

  • intel
  • sidestep
  • blind strike

Eight uses brass knuckles and the punch attacks. Various stances can be added to the punch attacks, starting with -

  • swiftwind stance. The swiftwind stance can be built to become faster and also more powerful.

Use Eight when you need to use fast short attacks with elemental effects and lay lots of punches on the enemies.

Nine's basic abilities are -

  • Accelerate
  • Intel
  • Clean Sweep
  • Jump
  • Jump power
  • Jump critical increase
  • Jump ag

Jack's basic abilities are -

  • Intel
  • Ninja slice
  • Focus
  • Reflex
  • Reflex power

Queen's basic abilities are -

  • Intel
  • Balestra Lunge
  • Riposte slash
  • Divine judgement
  • Divine judgement - speed, power, HP age

King's basic abilities are -

  • Accelerate
  • Intel
  • Marksmen
  • Reload
  • Kick
  • Point-blank shot
  • Charge 1

Example - King is a ranged fighter and is invaluable when you are escaping from Hotel Armada into heavy enemy fire in Milites capital. The shooters on the roof are difficult to reach with melee fighters but not with ranged fighters abilities.

Note - the red marker in the thumbnail of the video is Killsight.

Machina's basic abilities are -

  • Intel
  • Bolt rapiers (basic attack)
  • Cyclone drive (does not use MP)

Here's a recap of the basic abilities of the heroes of class 0. More abilities and level up potential will be added as the heroes achieve higher and higher levels.

Level Up Eidolons, Magic and Other Areas

  • Note that it is not just the heroes who can level up. The heroes can summon eidolons and these can level up too.
  • Also, the heroes can wield much more powerful magic. Go to the altocrystalium, and use the phantoma to upgrade the spells. Level up spells by increasing their power, range, casting time and other effects such as reduction in MP costs.
  • As the characters become more powerful, they earn more gil and can purchase more powerful weapons and armor to add to their armament. Pretty soon, the full might of the Militesi empire cannot defeat the heroes of class 0.


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