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Final Fantasy Type 0 Walkthrough

Updated on March 24, 2015
Final Fantasy Type 0 Wlakthrough Begins. Class 0 cadets need to reclaim the lands of the Dominion of Rubrum.
Final Fantasy Type 0 Wlakthrough Begins. Class 0 cadets need to reclaim the lands of the Dominion of Rubrum.

In final fantasy type 0 walkthrough, the Dominion of Rubrum is hit by enemies from the Milites Empire. The Milites Empire uses mostly mechanised forces and weaponry whilst the Dominion of Rubrum uses magic derived from the Vermilion Bird Crystal. By using some kind of jammer device derived from somewhere, the Milites Empire was almost victorious in its war against the Dominion by blocking the magic of the Vermilion Bird Crystal. Without magic, the armies of the Dominion were easily subdued. The Milites Empire swept across the Dominion and the capital, until the cadets from class zero arrived. This final fantasy type 0 walkthrough will guide the progression of the class zero cadets as they strive to take back the capital and then the rest of the dominion. This includes a walkthrough of how to defeat the first boss of the game - the White Tiger l'Cie.

After saying goodbye to the fallen, the class zero initial trio of Ace, Queen and Nine unleash their powers on the rather confident and unsuspecting soldiers of the dominion.

  • Ace uses ranged attacks of cards
  • Queen uses a melee attack of swords, combines this with magic attacks of divine and heal. Queen is the lightning magic specialist.
  • Nine uses a melee attack of lance and then combines with heavy attacks of jump. Nine can also use fire magic.

Power your way through the enemies and remember to absorb phantoma from the enemies as they fall. If you forget, their corpses disappear, and it is gone.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Get Phantoma for Upgrade

After the heroes of class zero get phantoma, use the phantoma to

  • recover and increase the MP or health of the heroes.

There are many types of phantoma.

  • The colour of the phantoma determines how they can be used to upgrade magic. For example, red phantoma is used to upgrade fire magic.
  • There are subcategories in each colour of phantoma, with the rarer forms in each colour group being used to upgrade stronger magic. The heroes will get the rarer phantoma from stronger and rarer monsters on Orience.
  • The cadets of class zero should sell very common phantoma like white phantoma

After defeating the enemies and walkthrough of the first tutorial, go ahead and cross the Tasuki Bridge.

After the bridge, and clearing the airship landing, a different form of a jammer monster appears. The class zero cadets appear to be having trouble trying to defeat this until it flies away on its own.

Next, the task for the class zero cadets is a monumental one - they seek to destroy the enemies on the enemy flagship and reclaim the Akademeia.

  • So remember to save up and then go to the next stage.

Defeat all the enemies including the machine like beasts called the Nymurod. Later on, other upgraded versions will appear - these include the striker, the warrior and the colossus.

Final Fantasy Type 0 How to Defeat the White Tiger l'Cie

Get the fountain courtyard area and defeat more of the nymurods.

  • Then head down the left side and go forth and enter the battle arena.
  • The class zero cadets will summon the level 99 abomination Odin to destroy the white tiger l'Cie. Odin is actually a Eidolon, or creature summoned via the magic of the crystal using three active squad members of Class Zero. Later, after mission 2, the heroes can summon more Eidolons like the Golem, the Shiva and the Ifrit.

However, the white tiger l'Cie is not called l'Cie for no reason. The l'Cie resurrects itself and resumes its assault on the cadets. At this time, the cadets call on their reserves and Queen and Nine are replaced by Jack and Seven.

  • The white tiger l'Cie is a formidable foe. With Odin, all you need to do is to pounce and the charge with Zantetsuken.

With the cadets, it is harder. It is quite tempting to use Seven and her whip. However, one should leave Seven alone and allow her to heal Ace and Jack. Use Ace to card attack the L'cie and then dodge after about two attacks. Repeat until the L'cie is defeated. At this stage, one should not use Jack as his katana attack is slow. Use Jack as a last resort.

  • Note that the white tiger l'Cie is actually inside the machine. The machine the white tiger l'Cie operates is the Dainsleif.

Enjoy the storyline and then get to class room zero using the Akademeia map. Then explore the Akademeia.

Finally, head to central command for the cadets' first mission. Go to the front gate to exit the Akademeia. As the cadets travel to McTighe, there may be random encounters. Random encounters appear to decrease if the heroes use chocobos.

  • Reclaim the town McTighe in the cadets' first mission - the Cadets' First Deployment.

Final Fantasy Type 0 The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold

With the capture of McTighe, go inside and talk to the townspeople. Then head out, and back to the academy, and do various chores. Go to central command the accept the second mission.

  • The second mission is preceded by a sortie, which is optional. The sortie can be quite long for fans and gamers who want to enjoy the storyline of final fantasy type 0. The mission can be repeated later.

So go ahead and go to classroom 0 and skip the sortie. Accept the second mission -

  • The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold (Date - Ven. XXII, 842, Mission level 13)

General Qator Bashtar Magitek Armor - wish you were piloting this rather than fighting it
General Qator Bashtar Magitek Armor - wish you were piloting this rather than fighting it

Experience the world of Orience and the fighting complexity of this rpg in HD

Final Fantasy Type 0 Defeat General Qator Bashtar Unidentified Magitek Armor

Once the heroes reach mid-mission and the mid save point, save up and then head up to defeat the commander of Togoreth Stronghold. Use dodge to evade the enemies and then attack with basic attacks.

  • Save the magitek points for later, when General Qator Bashtar arrives with his unidentified Magitek Armor. This fight is difficult, with the heroes having to dodge around initially. When Qator says -
  • "This armor is not going to last" - go in and attack the magitek armor full on.
  • Keep repeating this until General Qator Bashtar is defeated..... for the first time.

Final Fantasy Type 0 I'Cie Versus I'Cie

Then, all hell breaks loose as the Vermilion bird crystal I'Cie engages the tiger crystal primus I'Cie. Enjoy the cutscene!

I'Cie vs l'Cie

The final fantasy type 0 walkthrough continues with more progression and videos.

  • The Operation MA Demolition is a long mission, Make sure you select the right class zero cadets and conserve the cadets for the final fight.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Defeat Brionac

  • To defeat Brionac (the almost final boss at the end of Chapter 3), repel whatever MA he throws at the heroine (Brionac will start his twirling action with his twister arms), and then when he drops down, go and attack him close range.
  • When Brionac starts to lift his arm and drill into the elevator corridor, go to the very end and hide, as prompted by the moogle.
  • Finally, finish off Brionac with a finishing move.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Defeat Primus White Tiger l'Cie or Be Defeated by the I'Cie

After the Brionac fight, you can either choose to try to defeat the primus white tiger l'Cie or be defeated by it.


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